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Woman Who Laughs Loudly Is Also Deeply Hurt

deeply hurt

This really means something!


    There are those very rare kinds of girls who are actually able to hide their emotions. They are deeply sad, they cry daily because they are in pain. But let’s look at them in a group of people. They behave way happier than many other people that are in group. The point is that even though they are very hurt, you can never consider them as weak. You may think about this poor girl as she has no personality or self-respect. You may think that she is hopeless, but you are probably very wrong.

    In most cases this girl is able to fight against the deepest emotions, to fight for herself like no one else would. She can stand much more than you can imagine. This girl is strong and powerful, so you can’t judge her by her outside or superficially. She can and, trust me, she will find those people she is able to rely on. And her weak look is only helping her cover that strength when it needs to be covered. The ability to adapt is her main weapon.

    So stop considering this girl as the weak one. You should never consider her this way. Focus on the girl who is that good in group of people, you would never think that she is also deeply hurt. She has a serious look which makes her look courageous. When in company, you laugh, she is the one whose laugh is the loudest. You will rarely see her sad, she will make sure that you never uncover her sadness, so whenever she sees you, you will see her smiling.

    This girl is a real fighter. She is trying hard to get through the darkest moments and saddest breakup or anything that placed her into pain. She is optimistic and she looks at life with so much positivity. Well, during the time spent outside, she looks perfectly fine. But when she gets home and when the voices in her head overcome her, then she can’t fight against her emotions. She stays all alone and her thoughts are so bad, you have no idea what she is thinking about. Her feelings take over her so she starts crying. That amount of pain that she feels most of people couldn’t stand. It is hard for her to heal her broken heart.

    Being alone in world like this is very painful for many women. It depends of how much a woman can endure. But if she is overly sensitive, I guarantee that’s not easy at all. Being full of emotions which you would like to give to someone, but not having anyone to share it with, doesn’t it suck? This girl that we are talking about wants to find a person who can really be her everything. She wants to love someone and care about someone with all her heart. She also wants to have someone who will love her unconditionally.

    So she stays in bed crying because that’s the only emotion she can expose at this moment without anyone judging her. Her room is full of pain but she can’t help herself. She is drowning in her own feelings. However, she is aware that this state of her mind together with being alone in her room isn’t helping her get through the pain at all.

    You can’t imagine how many emotions are mixed in her life, and she is dealing with all of them every single day. Her soul is like poisoned, but not in a bad way. She’s just full of love and emotions. But somehow she always ends up abandoned. Yet, she gets up of her bed, wipes the tears away, and acts more normal than most of the people in her group of friends. It may destroy her but also she can heal. We can’t know.

    But for now, she cries in her bed and that is her only defense mechanism. She will cry for many nights because only that helps her to endure the day. God, she looks so strong and she is in so much pain. As soon as possible she needs a man who will just be there. For her. Forever.

    Until then, she will laugh the loudest even if she is deeply hurt too.


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    Kirsten Blackwood

    A mental health writer and advocate. Currently I write about depression. My work has always been centered around health as I previously worked at a variety of healthcare-focused agencies. I wanted to help people who were struggling with an illness or disability, but often times didn’t feel the work I was doing was providing the right voice to the people I was trying to help. Here, I can connect to you in your journey by encouraging you to share the good, the bad, and moments in-between.