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This Is Why We Fight For The People That Are Wrong For Us

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Why do we keep coming back to what’s hurting us? We keep saying that love is blind, but it stops having any value the moment you become aware that the person you’re with is completely wrong for you.

So why do we keep going back to pain with our eyes wide open? Is it because we are stupid or completely desperate? Or is it just because our expectations are way too low? Maybe we lose ourselves in the endless search for love and we settle for something we know is going to hurt.

And the worst part is that we don’t give up on it because we are too desperate. Maybe the unknown is scaring us so we keep up with the well known. We allow ourselves to stay in a relationship we know isn’t right just to not be alone.

Love is a process you need to work on, but it has to have a base. Settling down for less than what you deserve isn’t a solution. By doing this you are only hurting yourself. We all deserve love and happiness.

Somewhere out there, there is someone who is completely right for you. You need to let go of the people who aren’t right for you so that you can be free. We all deserve someone right for us. Not everyone deserves you. You need to start valuing yourself so that others can value your qualities.

Don’t settle for whoever comes by. Let go of the wrong people and trust your gut. Wrong people won’t help you move forward, they can only keep holding you back. You deserve someone who will give a shit about you. If it doesn’t feel right, well, it’s probably not. There is nothing wrong with being single.

Being single is better than being with the people that are wrong for you. It’s sad to think that we as human beings don’t know our own damn value. Love is what you deserve not some kind of illusion of love. Take your time, don’t go into a relationship right away

Let time do its job and show you love. I don’t think we go back to the one who is hurting us on purpose. I think we do that because we are scared of the outside world and we settle for what’s reachable. In occurence, the one thing hurting us.

Stop being scared, the outside world isn’t that scary. Being heartbroken isn’t the end of the world. You can survive this. What you can’t survive for sure is life with no love at all. Listen to your heart, but most of all listen to your brain. Don’t get attached too easily.

The fact that we keep going back to what we know is going to hurt us is insane. Only a crazy person would do that. Stop being crazy. You only have one life, do you really want to waste your life with an illusion?

People who are hurting you don’t deserve you. They don’t even deserve a second chance. You are the only one who can stop this vicious circle.

I could spend a day talking about what you deserve. But I can’t make you realize your worth. Only you can do this. Nobody else can. So it is time to stand up and fight for yourself.

Because you deserve love. You deserve happiness. And yes, you deserve your soulmate. What you sure don’t deserve is to constantly get hurt by the same person over and over.

Free yourself of the guilt you are feeling, no matter what happened in your previous relationships. It is time to move one. You have punished yourself enough. And you’ve been hurt enough.

Go out there and find the love of your life who will treat you right. Also, stop thinking that you are going to change the person who is hurting you just by loving them. Nobody can change. They are the way they are.

So, you better find someone who treats you well without having to change him.

Because we are all humans and because we all deserve love.

Let go of what’s hurting you so that you can find love and happiness, by sticking with the one who is hurting you, you are never going to be happy.

This Is Why We Fight For The People That Are Wrong For Us