6 Reasons Why First Love Is True Love

first love is true love
Written by Deborah Carbone

Falling in love for the first time is a big deal. It usually happens when you’re still young and vulnerable, and many people enter a relationship before they’re emotionally ready. However, part of first love is first heartbreak. It’s very rare that anyone remains with their first love for the whole of their life. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t right for you. There are a million reasons why first love is true love. But what are they?

You have no reason to hold back

When you fall in love for the first time, you have a clean slate. You’ve never dated someone for long enough for it to matter. You might never have had sex. Everything about your first love will feel new and exciting, and that’s how love should feel, whether you’ve been together for five years or one.

The thing about first love is that you don’t have the fear you gain after you first get your heart broken. With first love usually comes your first heartbreak, and you’re never quite the same after it. You become scared to go with anybody else in case you have to go through the same agony again. After your first love, the pain is so intense that you almost wish it never happened.

However, that first love is the one that stays with you long after it has ended. You never quite let go, even when you’ve moved on. It means that first love never completely dies. That is why even if you’re happily married or with someone else, the mention of your first love will still hurt. It doesn’t mean you ever want to get back together, or that you don’t love your partner enough. It’s just the way of first loves – it will be with you for a long time, possibly ever forever.

You have no reason to lie

The reason first love is true love is because it is the most honest, most true love you will ever be a part of. You don’t have any reason to lie to your first love because there’s no jealousy, no people getting in the way and no past to come back and haunt you. As you get older, it sometimes becomes difficult to be honest with your partner. There will be things like exes and crushes to deal with. When you’re with a life partner, all sorts throws itself at you.

On the other hand, a first love is true love, but also short lived for the majority of cases. You don’t have time to grow the difficulties of a life long relationship. Maybe if you stayed together, you’d burn out eventually and things would get in the way. But for the most part, first love is true love because it is kept in a glass case, safe from harm. You built a wall of glass around that love because it was fragile, sweet and innocent. Nothing ‘grown up’ was welcome in that kind of love. Now, looking back, you might wish for that kind of love, but every love is special, and first love is in a league of its own.

You have no reason to lash out

In first love, arguments are few and far between. What could you possibly have to argue about? There’s barely any jealousy, there’s barely anything mature to deal with, and you spend your entire time dedicating yourselves to fun and good memories. It doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth, or make you second guess every little detail of your relationship.

You have no reason not to believe everything is okay when you’re engaged in a first love. First love is true love because it is a time of mostly happy memories. That’s why you miss it so much when it’s gone. Often people say that your first love is a free love, because it doesn’t cost you anything – except a broken heart when it ends. However, most people would agree that it’s worth it for the experience you have with your first love.

You have no reason not to trust them

Your first love is true love because you know you can trust them unconditionally. You’ve never been hurt by love before, you so you assume that a person would never do anything to hurt you if they love you. The sad reality is that people who care deeply for each other hurt one another all of the time. However, that’s not something you have to consider when you’re partaking in first love. All you worry about is when you’ll see them next, or how to look good for them, or how to keep them for as long as you can. You’ve never been lied to when you’re experiencing first love, and you assume all love will be as honest and as pure as your first. Sometimes, it seems any relationship that comes after is a disappointment for that reason. That’s why first love is true love.

You have no reason not to follow instinct

When you engage in a first love, you are more inclined to go with the flow. You know that now, everything is much more calculated and planned, and the safety of that differs so much to the wildness of first love. You follow your heart and not your head and that’s why first love is so intense – you leave yourself vulnerable to every emotion possible. It’s probably the first time you feel each one too, meaning you’re much more likely to hurt yourself when you leave your heart unprotected and raw.

When you follow your instincts, you know that first love is true love because of the unfiltered feelings that come pouring through. After such an intense love, nothing else ever feels quite the same again, but that’s okay. First love is true love, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find true love again. It’s not a one-off experience – it happens millions of times all over the globe.

You have no reason to think anything other than first love is true love

When you enter your first serious relationship, you feel like nothing could change your mind about the way that you feel. You feel like your love is eternal because it’s the strongest emotion you’ve ever experienced. Your friends and family will tell you it’s likely to pass, but you think it’s just a myth. You assume that they must never have felt the way that you do, or else they’d understand how you know that this type of love lasts a lifetime. However, there is a certain naivety to first love.

Though first love is true love at heart, in reality, a true love is one that lasts. A true love is a difficult one, one where you have to make sacrifices for each other. True love is sharing a bed and a home and a love full of holes and difficulties. While a first love is true love as well, the best possible kind of love is the one that makes it through all the hard times as well as the good. When you feel a love like that, you know you’ll never be the same again.

6 Reasons Why First Love Is True Love