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The Best Parts Of Falling For Your Best Friend

falling for your best friend
Written by Hayley Anderton

A best friend is for life. That’s a fact. A truly real best friend will never leave your side, and that’s why falling for your best friend is one of the best and most magical experiences possible. You already know that they can be trusted, and you’ve got closer to them than you ever have with any of your exes. You trust your best friend with anything and everything, choosing to put your faith solely in them because you know you’ll be safe in their presence. So there are already some pretty good things about falling for your best friend, but what are the very best bits? What are the parts that make falling for your best friend better than any other kind of love?

Sex doesn’t stay serious with your bestie

Have you ever been in bed with someone so boring that you just keep waiting for the experience to be over? Or have you ever dated someone who only tends to themselves and then falls asleep before you’re finished? Well, if you are falling for your best friend, then you can say goodbye to those days. Your best friend is always conscious of how their actions might make you feel, and when you’re in bed together, they’ll make sure you’re having the time of your life.

While sometimes it’s nice to have serious sex, falling for your best friend means that you’ll always have a lot more fun. You can giggle and let things go wrong and not be embarrassed by it. You relish in each other’s company and even though things aren’t always as smooth as you might have hoped, you know it doesn’t matter so long as both of you have fun. You can always guarantee that falling for your best friend will mean the best sex you’ve ever had before.

The other thing is that before you got together, you told your bestie everything. They  know what you like because you told them. They know every intimate detail about you so there’s no need to worry – it’s all going to work out well.

You can read each other like a book

You know exactly what the other person is thinking the entire time. You know just from a small gesture whether they’re annoyed at something, or whether they’re tired, or whether they are feeling in the mood for sex. You only have to look at them to understand everything you need to know about how they’re feeling at any one time.

When falling for your best friend, you will realise that unlike in any other relationship, you already know how to handle them from the off. While it can take time to understand a new person, you know your best friend inside out. There’s no need to start from square one – you’re already on square twenty.

You can hang with your best friend and partner simultaneously

What’s better than killing two birds with one stone, in a figurative manner? If you are dating your best friend, everything becomes easier. You don’t have to worry about missing out on time with your partner to see your best friend. You can do it all in one go! It also frees up space in your life for your family and other commitments. While of course you have other friends, when falling for your best friend, you come to the realization that everything you need is in one place. 

Life has never been this fun before

You can’t remember the last time you felt this high in the sky all the time. You feel like nothing can knock you down now. Everything you do seems more exciting with your best friend slash partner by your side, and you have so much planned that you want to do as a pair. Couples who do fun things together stay together, and suddenly, your bucket list is full of things that include the pair of you together. You’ll never be bored when you’re falling for your best friend deeper every day and relishing the treasures your relationship provides for you each and every day.

You cling on to this relationship with all your might

There is a certain fragility to a relationship you embark on with your best friend. You are both very conscious of the fact that anything that ruins your relationship can ruin your friendship too. You have twice as much to lose if things go wrong, and you’re desperate to keep things exactly as they are. You’re happy with the way things are going and you know you need to bolt at the first sign of trouble to save yourselves. But the great thing about this kind of relationship is that you’re willing to do anything to make it work. You never have second thoughts and you’re determined to keep it from shattering because you don’t want to lose anything you have between you. No matter how hard the going is, you know that as long as something can be fixed, you will work as hard as you can to get things back on track. Your love is your life and you’re not going down without a fight if you can help it.

Falling for your best friend makes life simpler

You don’t have to worry that they don’t feel the same anymore. As soon as you bag your best friend in a relationship, it’s very rare to let something so wonderful go. You are around each other all the time without getting irritated at one another’s habits. You spend your days devoting time and love to them without feeling obliged to do so. You are happy without forcing it upon yourself. You just generally have a better time when the pair of you are together and you don’t think there’s anything too complex involved in the mechanics of your love. It just works, and that’s all the explanation you need.

You’re not afraid to talk about your feelings

How can you possibly be inclined to hold back when your partner already knows you inside out? When falling for your best friend, bear in mind that you can never keep a secret from them. If you’re upset, they will be able to sense it from a mile off. If you’re angry with them, they’ll ask you why, or better yet, they’ll know what they’ve done to upset you right away. There’s no beating around the bush when you’re falling for your best friend. Everything is clear between you and when it isn’t, you’re happy to talk to one another to fix the issue.

You trust them unconditionally

There’s no reason for you to ever mistrust your best friend. You know their personality so well that you can almost predict what they’re going to do. You understand that they wouldn’t do anything to hurt you intentionally, and even when you have your differences, you know they wouldn’t do something silly like go out and kiss someone else. There’s a massive amount of unspoken trust between you that two best friends would never break, which is why falling for your best friend is the best decision you will ever make.

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