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When I Said ‘I Do’ This Is What It Meant

I Do
Written by Karen Clark

I stood there at the alter professing all my love. At this time, I loved you and I honestly didn’t realize how much I would continue to grown and love you even more every single day throughout our marriage. I made you a promise and to some people they are just words. Marriage to others is “just a piece of paper” but to me it meant so much more.

When I said ‘I Do” it meant I love you through our struggle. These were the times when we felt we hit rock bottom. When money was tight, life was unpredictable, and the only people we had to rely on was each other.

In the moments when our child was screaming in the middle of the night, when they were sick leaving us restless, and the moments we were in the hospital uncertain of what was to come.

We faced hard times. It felt like the bad times were unceasing. Sometimes it felt so overwhelming we had to let it out and scream at each other, we wanted to blame each other, and sometimes we said things we never meant. Yet, somehow we managed even through the worst times. What we went through most people will never experience in a lifetime.

We had each other through it all. We learned how to treat each other and how to react. We overcame it, together.

Of course, with the bad came the good. The moments we welcomed our babies into this world. When we reached our goals, moved into our dream home, and got that promotion. There was so much good that always outweighed the bad. Those happy moments kept us thriving.

See throughout this time, we never grew apart. Marriage is incredibly hard and we were given every opportunity to create distance between one another. One of us of could have chosen to be unfaithful, to find someone ‘better’, and to do life without each other. We made a choice to stay together when we said “I Do” It meant surviving, overcoming, and achieving.

We meant it to our very last breath.

When I Said ‘I Do’ This Is What It Meant