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Undeniable Signs You’re a Professional Nerd

professional nerd
Written by Karen Clark

Back in the day, being a nerd was the last thing anyone wanted to be. Suddenly, being awkward at social events is cute and playing an instrument isn’t lame. But if you’re a professional nerd, you’d know it’s not as hip and easy as it looks:

  1. You have that one obsession that you take way too seriously.
  2. Like collecting Pokemon cards and keeping your mangas in perfect condition.
  3. And buying anything and everything Harry Potter related.
  4. If there’s a Harry Potter marathon on TV you call out of work sick because, well you have to watch them all.
  5. And you sometimes (always) actually wish you were going to school at Hogwarts because it’s so much better than adult life.
  6. When people confuse Star Trek with Star Wars it makes you cringe.
  7. You understand why, but it still breaks your heart.
  8. You’re a firm believer that you were born in the wrong generation.
  9. Except you think you were supposed to be born deep into the future when civilization begins on Mars.
  10. And you’re possibly a Jedi master.
  11. Your excuse for not being social 95% of the time is that you got lost in a book.
  12. Because a breath of fresh air is nothing compared to finishing your favorite novel for the 100th time with a big cup of tea.
  13. You fangirl over one too many things.
  14. Like incoherent sentences, jumping up and down, and maybe putting a fist in your mouth.
  15. Like when you see a trailer for the new Divergent movie.
  16. Because you can’t wait to see which is better: book or movie.
  17. But deep down you know the answer is always book.
  18. Halloween is your favorite holiday because you live for dressing up as your favorite characters.
  19. And you don’t just ‘dress up,’ you go all in with no apologies.
  20. Some days you’ll even dress up in costume for fun, because, why not?
  21. But most of your wardrobe consists of the same uniform: jeans, slightly dirty sneakers, a jacket, and glasses.
  22. Your favorite actress/actor depends on how well they’ve portrayed your favorite character in your favorite television, book, etc.
  23. You have intense knowledge in whatever catches your interest from the Twilight Zone to Game of Thrones.
  24. So much so, that you actually spend time arguing on Tumblr about them because you love them that much.
  25. Heaven comes down when they reboot your favorite television show.
  26. X Files, anyone?
  27. You sometimes wonder what it would be like to be normal.
  28. But then you nerd out and realize life’s better that way.

Undeniable Signs You’re a Professional Nerd