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I Never Gave Up On You Even When You Left Me With A Broken Heart

i never gave up on you
Written by Naida

When a man decides to get out of a relationship, there could be many reasons. Maybe he has found someone else. Maybe he feels like he is not really ready for a relationship. He also might have commitment issues. However, the girl who probably loved him didn’t expect that to happen. You can’t force your heart to love someone, but you also can’t forget about someone you loved. At least not immediately. The process of forgetting a person you loved is long and often awful.

When you were leaving, you said that I should be stronger. You dared to blame me for your leave. Well, now I know that you definitely were not a person who deserved that amount of love I gave you. I was attracted too soon and that was my only mistake. When I think about it now, the only thing I know is that life can bring you many unexpected things. Everyone should always be ready to experience things they don’t expect at all. No one can tell you when something is going to happen.

So at first I didn’t know you were about to leave me. But I knew that I was deeply in love and that wasn’t good. Moreover, that love was too much to handle. Even if you couldn’t handle it, you were not able to cope with it; I knew it was just because I picked you. You were the wrong person for my heart, and I figured that out too late. I wanted to go so many times, yet somehow I always stood with you, hoping that things would change between us.

But, there is one thing to discuss; some things are easy to say, but when it comes to forming the words, it is not easy at all. I knew that the two of us were not going to make it. We were not the right one for each other. We didn’t work together as I imagined we would. Regardless of all those facts, I still couldn’t make the right decision. I cared about you, and the thought of leaving you would leave me breathless. I was spinning in circles wondering where you were in all of this mess. Do you even think about me?

However, I tried to hide my broken heart. I didn’t want you to see my pain or to see how hopeless I am. I lived through a lot with you, but I never wanted you to know that I was broken. We had something,, no matter how much you deny it. I need to protect myself now, and the only way I could do that is to avoid you. So, don’t be surprised if you see me in public and I don’t come to you just to say hi. Every time I see you I remember how hurt I was. Now I fear to see you.

Considering the fact that I am an adult with a normal way of thinking, I really want you to know that I am not mad or hurt anymore. Actually, I never gave up on you, not even when you have left me with a broken heart. I still care about you and I still want the best for you, frankly.

Even though I know how wrong you were for me, also I know that I am acting about how I am doing well. Many women would probably be pissed off. Many women couldn’t stand this pain. But not me, I know how to behave when I see you coming to me out of nowhere—I know how to be nice and polite when we need to talk to each other. I definitely know how to keep you away from me and from knowing that I might still thinking of you.

Well, to be honest, I am really trying to let the things go. I really want to forget about you. My value is much more than you taught me it is. But I am still facing the truth—I still need to open up my eyes in order to love myself as who I am. I don’t want to let anyone underestimate me ever again. From now on, I want to choose what is good for me, so I should never choose you again. But truly, I want the best for you. Let’s just be so far away from one another.

I’m looking forward to meeting someone who is able to do things, not just say things. And since I believe in love, I know that this awesome man I am waiting for so long will show up one day.


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