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5 Ways A Narcissist Will Emotionally Abuse You, Without You Even Realizing It

emotionally abused
Written by Alexis Tiffany

You fell in love and that was never your fault. You found someone who charmed you and was different than anyone you’ve ever met. The very slowly they transformed into someone you never thought they’d become. The truth is their true colors finally shined and you’re left feeling hurt, emotionally torn, and guilty for wanting to leave.

A narcissist will keep you at a distance then pull you back in and make you believe again that you are completely loved by them. This push and pull will be your life if you stay with someone with this type of behavior. Please know that you are being emotionally abused by this person. This is not something you need in your life.

1. Constantly Belittle You.

You are not a human to them. You are just property to them. You have no dreams, no ambition, no goals because they are the only one who means anything in this relationship. You feel so defeated because your sense of self is consistently being put down.

2. Lie to You and Distort The Truth.

Their lies will never end. You know the truth but they live in a delusion where they believe their lies. It will make you feel crazy because the truth is incredibility distorted. They want you to believe the lies even when you know the truth.

3. Make You Feel You’re Always To Blame, They are the Victim.

They are never at fault. You are the enemy and the bad person in the relationship. You’ve caused the disagreements, the anger, the reason your relationship with them is not as good anymore. You start to believe that maybe this is all your fault. Maybe you are the one to blame? When they make you believe this, they already won.

4. They Will Never Apologize or Empathize.

As a victim, why should they ever apologize to you? They do not have empathy because their emotions are not real. They have become so good at mimicking emotions but they will never truly be able to feel things.

5. Jealously and Control is Overwhelming.

At first, it looks a lot like protection. They love you so they want to protect you from people. Yet, when it becomes where someone you’ve known for years see’s their narcissistic ways and calls them out for it, your narc will tell you, you shouldn’t talk to them anymore because they are the ones that are toxic. You can’t talk to any of the opposite gender, going out on girl’s nights, or having men in your contact list or even your Facebook. You will comply only to prove to them you are not unfaithful.

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