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5 Obvious Signs That He Is About To End The Relationship

he is about to end the relationship
Written by Naida

Nobody likes being dumped, but there are some signs that can prepare you for what’s coming. In this case, it can prepare you for the end of your relationship because if you can spot those signs, he is about to end the relationship. So, here are five signs you shouldn’t ignore if you don’t want to be left without seeing it coming.

You are always arguing with him.

You are constantly blaming each other for everything. I’m sure that you can’t even remember the last time you had a decent conversation with your partner. Everything turns into a fight, even the small details about the other irritates you, and it goes over and over again. You are probably hurting each other. So, instead of letting things deteriorate to the point when you hate each other, try to resolve your issues. You know there aren’t many options. I suggest you leave each other so that you can build a stable relationship with someone else because you are clearly not for each other. Don’t let things go too far, because it will only get worse. There were ups and downs, but somehow it seems that in your relationship, the ups disappeared.

He is very distant.

If your boyfriend isn’t talking to you anymore, or if he is annoyed only by the idea of talking to you, it is a clear sign that something is off. Communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. You might see your partner overthinking and just not listening to you at all… Well, it might mean that the end of your relationship is coming very soon. You should sit down together and talk about the situation, because if you are not talking to each other, you cannot resolve the problem. It is better to resolve the issues than to just look away and let them get worse.

Sex is non-existent.

There isn’t a more obvious sign that this one. Of course your sex life isn’t going to be like it was at the beginning of the relationship, but if you don’t have any kind of sex life, it is time to ask him a few questions. Sex is a major part of a relationship, and where there are problems in the bedroom, it might be a reflection of the problems in the relationship. A non-existent sex life doesn’t always mean that it is going to end, but it clearly screams to you that there is a problem. Maybe you should talk to your partner about it.

He is never home and you don’t even know where he is.

You used to spend so much time together, but now you barely see him in the house. He goes out without telling you where he is going or with whom. You are not even invited to whatever he is going to. He is probably avoiding you and doesn’t know how to end your relationship. Don’t let things get out of control—if it is time to split up, do it. Don’t wait for someone new to come so that you have an excuse to break up.

You are not in his future plans.

If he keeps saying things like, “I am going to buy myself a flat,” or “I am going to do this in the future,” well, my dear, he clearly doesn’t picture you in his future, and it is just a matter of time until he breaks up with you. You see, being in a grown up relationship means that you are willing to build a future with the person next to you. When someone wants to break up with you, they already know that you are not in the picture.

Those are obvious signs that something is wrong between the two of you. Trust your gut, don’t let things deteriorate to the point when you hate each other. It will be bad for the both of you. End the relationship when the time comes. Some relationships just aren’t meant to be, and it is better to end things before causing pain to each other. The sooner you break up, the sooner you will get back on your feet and get over the break.

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