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What Most Men Expect to Be a Role of a Woman in a Relationship

Role of a woman in a relationship
Written by Karen Clark

What is a role of a woman in a relationship? And what men expect to be a role of a woman in a relationship? These questions have been debated for centuries. And although different people of both sexes will answer them differently, because everyone has their viewpoints regarding this topic, things are actually pretty simple because men are pretty simple beings. Here are 4 roles you should perform in a relationship if you want to have a happy man by your side, without ever having to diminish yourself in the process.

A Friend

When a man really loves you, he wants you to be his friend as well and this is the first role of a woman in a relationship most men expect when they plan on having something serious with you. Of course, they still have their male friends, but they also like to be able to form a friendship with the woman they love if that woman is up for it. First of all, they know that you are sincere towards them, that you are not jealous or envious and therefore, they are not afraid of telling you their deepest secrets. They also know that you think of their well-being, because you are a couple and you would never advise them to do something wrong because their actions directly affect you.  They expect you to understand them and they want someone who will have late night talks with them and someone in front of whom they can be emotional, without the risk of being laughed at or ridiculed. Men also like to get a second opinion about different subjects and want to hear things from the female point of view, and who can be better for that than their girlfriend? If a man truly loves you, he will share his deepest secrets and fears with you and won’t be afraid of opening up to you. There will be times when he will want you to be his best buddy with whom he can watch a game or drink a beer, without anything sexual involved. That means he has really become comfortable with you and that he has started thinking of you as a part of his life besides just being his girlfriend.

A Partner

Although most people think men like to be superior to their girlfriends or views, this is not the case when they really fall in love. For them, a crucial role of a woman in a relationship is that of their partner. When a guy plans on spending the rest of his life with you, he will want you two to walk shoulder to shoulder through it. A real man doesn’t need someone inferior to him and doesn’t want a woman who will only serve him as an ego booster. Instead, he wants someone whose opinion and attitudes he appreciates. Although they will rarely admit it, men mostly fall for women who challenge them. Those are the women who demand respect and who will never allow a man to belittle them or to try to put himself above them. A true man wants their partner in the relationship to be his partner in life as well- he wants a woman who will contribute to this relationship in the same way and in the same amount he does, financially, emotionally and in every other way. He wants you to be “his partner in crime” with whom he’ll work towards the same goal in life and won’t ever have to bother with any type of betrayal. For men, the partnership is something even more serious than a committed relationship, because it implies that the two of you are a team even if you disagree with each other from time to time. In this kind of a relationship, things are even between him and you- it is never a relationship in which one person only gives and the one takes. And most importantly, when you are a partner with your boyfriend, there are no ego issues. It doesn’t matter who was right or who got their way, as long as you are both progressing towards your common goals.


Another crucial role of a woman in a relationship for every man is that of a supporter. If a man enters a serious, committed relationship with you, he wants to be sure around you. For men, appreciation and respect are important in a relationship. But, what is even more important is that they always know you’ll have their back through every challenge life puts in front of you two. It is easy to be with someone while everything is going great. But every person and every relationship sometimes go through some rough path. Real men don’t want to be with a woman who will turn her back on them the second this happens. Instead, they want someone they can always count and rely on. They want a woman who will have their back, no matter what- someone who will be there for them through thick and thin, through bad and good times. They want a woman who will always push them forward, improving them to be the best possible versions of themselves, without trying to change them. It is crucial for all men to know they are in a relationship with a woman who believes in them, even if they stop believing in themselves. They want a woman who will give them wings, and a woman who will always support their achievements and accomplishments. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should blindly agree with everything you boyfriend does- it only means that you ought to be his rock and his sanctuary. Although they appear to be the stronger sex, men are also very fragile and sensitive. When they love you, they need to know that you are their number one supporter and fan, because that is what keeps them going in life.


Of course, when a man loves you, he wants you to be his lover, as well. Without this role of a woman in a relationship, you two may have a partnership or a friendship, but not a romantic relationship.  And this doesn’t mean that he expects you be his lover only in bed. When men fall in love, they become the most sensitive and caring creatures. That means they also crave for intimacy and affection all the time and not just during sex. Of course, if you both want to maintain a successful relationship, your sex life cannot stop being interested after the initial butterflies have flown away. Men don’t like to feel as if they are begging for sex- they also enjoy feeling needed and desirable, so they enjoy when their girlfriend also shows initiative and shows them they can still turn her one. But, besides sex, even if they sometimes don’t know it, men want you to show them little tokens of your love and affection, even if it is a casual touch, an occasional kiss or just a hug which don’t necessarily have to lead to sex. Things like this strengthen the bond and deepen the intimacy between every couple. But, although many will say that this is the first role men expect you to perform if you want to have a healthy relationship, a role of a lover is, of course, important, but it doesn’t have its true meaning without all of the other roles being successfully fulfilled.

What Most Men Expect to Be a Role of a Woman in a Relationship