To The Person Feeling Numb, You’re Not Alone In Checking Out

feeling numb
Written by Farah Ayaad

You’re not alone in your loneliness. You’re not alone in your suffering. You’re not alone although you feel like you are. You’re not alone although it looks like you’re on your own. You’re not alone even if you’re hurting in silence. You’re not alone even if you’re by yourself.

You’re not alone in your depression. You’re not alone in being tired most of the time. You’re not alone in being sad about how things are. You’re not alone in wanting to give-up. You’re not alone because life is hard. You’re not alone because somewhere deep down, we’re all just the same. We’re the same in our loneliness, we’re the same in our misery, and we’re the same in our happiness.

When you shut the rest of the world out, you’re not alone. There’s a place the defeated people go. When you lock your heart away, you’re not alone in that. There’s a place all the broken hearts are kept. When you carry your fake persona wherever you go, you’re also not alone. There’s a place where our real self-hides.

When you feel like it’s just you in this big empty place, search for the familiar ones, search for the warm ones, search for the ones that feel like home.

Your loneliness makes you human because in the era we live in, we’re taught to be numb. We’re told that feeling things deeply is the equivalent of being desperate, being too much, being dramatic. We’re told that being honest means that you need to chill. We’re told that knowing who we are and what we want is boring. We’re told that being good means being weak. We’re told that when we are loyal that we’re naïve. We’re told that when we are hardworking, we are fools.

In the world we live in, slowly but surely, we’re taught to check out. We’re taught to disconnect in every word we say, in every move we take and in every decision we make. We’re taught to keep people at a distance because no pleasure is better than pain. But, we’re not taught that when we numb pain, we also a numb pleasure. We’re taught to let go of our dreams because we need to be realistic. But, we’re not taught to chase after them because they fuel our lives with purpose. We’re not taught to appreciate the things that make life worthwhile like love, friendship, family, and self-love. Instead, we’re taught to brush things off. We’re taught to disregard our feelings and to pretend that other people’s feelings don’t matter either. We’re taught to demean other people, and we’re taught to demean ourselves in return.

To the person feeling numb, you’re not alone in checking out because we are all fighting the good fight. We’re all searching for a star on a dark night. We’re all searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

You’re not alone. You’re not alone. You’re not alone.

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