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This is How You Love the One Who’s Unlovable

Written by Marie Cyprien

They don’t want you to fall in love with them, they want you to choose them because if you fall in love, you can fall out of love. But if you choose them, it’s a guarantee that you’re committed to them.

Love for them is more than just a word or a moment of thrill. They see it as something in their soul rather than a spark of lust.

They want to be loved when it’s difficult to love them. When fear of vulnerability sets in, they want you to love them because it makes them brave enough to open up. They want to be loved even when things are uncertain, when you’re crying, yelling, huffing and puffing with frustration and anger. When they drive you crazy, still they want you to love them.

They want you to love them when things get tough.

They want to be loved when they can’t love themselves. They want to know they can have a shoulder to cry on when they get angry with themselves. They want to sleep knowing that you’re there for them and wake up knowing that their heart is safe in your hands so that those voices that tell them otherwise can be silenced.

They want you to understand that they’re not simple. They’re unlovable because they have many sides. This relationship isn’t simple instant gratification but something they put their heart in.

When they say “I love you,” it’s not just words but a commitment to love every single part of you, even the ugly parts, because they love a bit too much. All they need is permission.

All they need is patience. They’re considered unlovable because they like to take their time in a relationship. They have to get to know you before you can get to know them. That’s why you love them by not breaking their trust because their trust in you is very important to them. It’s hard to put their faith in anyone because they’ve been hurt in the past so much, that their heart is under lock and key. So when it’s unlocked, that’s a big step for them.

You love them by cherishing their trust in you.

They know you’re not perfect and they’re well aware that you’ll make mistakes big or small. But that’s why they’re honest with you, sometimes brutally so because they know you can do better and they want you to be better.

You love them by holding them when they bare their flaws to you, the things that make them unlovable. They’re not interested in the big things, the huge gifts, or the money. It’s the little things they value the most. Those trips to Taco Bell where you eat in the car and talk about whatever, sharing popcorn at the movies, getting to know each other’s friends, taking naps with each other and so on.

You love them by letting them love you. You love them by allowing them to show you how much they love you even though they kind of suck at love. Because for them, you’re worth it.

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