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10 Signs You Have Found Your Best Friend For Life

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It seems like with the years that are passing by it is more and more difficult to find someone you can call your real best friend. Nowadays, most people are fighting for acceptance, so it is not a surprise that the true meaning of friendship has been pushed away. So, here are 10 signs that you have found your true soulmate, your best friend for life (BFFL).

The first person you call to get you out of trouble.

I hope you have a friend on which you can rely no matter what. I hope that friend has a nice prefix in your life. And of course, the prefix is BEST. She’s there if you need advice or if you need someone to get you out of trouble. If you feel lost and don’t know which way is right, she’s there in a matter of a few minutes. She’s all that because she’s your best friend.

The first person that comes to your mind when you’re ready for some partying.

She’s your partner in crime, your guide to haven, your reality check. When you feel bored, she’s right there and she’s ready for some fun. And when you feel down, she’s right there to get you out of the house!

The only person with which you feel like you’re blood connected.

She’s not your family member according to your blood tests. She’s not your sister, niece, or your aunt, but it feels like she has been here forever, and it’s just so natural to call her a family member. She knows your family and your parents ask for her at least once or twice a day. She doesn’t need any introduction because everyone around you knows who she is and what she means to your life.

The first person that comes to your mind when you think about traveling the world.

Strange, far away countries. Plenty of time. And just the two of you. That’s how you would like to travel the world. Of course, she would like it too.

Your first supporter.

No matter how big the problems you’re facing are, she’s right there to cheer you up. She always has some great conclusion, and her advice is the first that you’ll consider taking. And even when she’s not around, each step you take, you feel her love and support. You don’t doubt it ever.

The only person who truly accepts you for who you really are.

You can’t remember a day or a situation during which she was trying to change you or change your behavior. She takes you for who you are and she loves you that way. Okay, if she thinks you’re wrong, she’ll tell you that, but she’s a virtuoso in explaining you’re deep, deep wrongs and that you need to change your direction.

The only person you’re 100% comfortable to cry in front of.

You feel like you need to take all the sadness you have felt for months to surface and you need it now. It’s perfectly fine with her. She’ll stand by you, let you cry your soul out, and then ask you to open up to her. Crying, talking, yelling… everything’s so simple and natural when she’s around.

The person who has your complete trust.

She’s the person who knows your deepest secrets. The person you’re glad for having met every day. Beside her, you became a person who can keep someone’s secrets too. You know each other’s wishes and you respect hers as you respect your own.

You’re in each other’s future.

You don’t see your future if she’s not a part of it. It is because you can’t imagine living your life without her by your side. To be perfectly honest, you don’t want to live a day in a world in which she’s just an old memory. When the two of you talk about the future, you talk about things you’re going to experience together.

The first person you can’t imagine your life without.

As I’ve already said, you can’t imagine living a day without her. And that’s completely fine. Congratulations, you have a really good friend. You have found your Best Friend For Life. Enjoy spending your life in each other’s company. I’m sure it’s going to be a really good ride. Dangerous one, but perfectly, perfectly good.

Enjoy and keep this in mind…

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. – Helen Keller

10 Signs You Have Found Your Best Friend For Life