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To The Guy Who Can’t Make-Up His Mind

Written by Deborah Carbone

Make-up your mind.

It’s time that you decide what it is that you want. It’s time that you find out who you are on the inside. It’s time that you look around and see what you have before it’s gone. It’s time for you to stop running and sit down for a bit. It’s time for you to reflect on what life has been teaching you. It’s time for you to choose bravery over fear, it’s time for you to choose loss over having it all. Because truth is, you can’t have it all.

You can’t have the girl of your dreams while you’re still looking around. You can’t be in a relationship and still act single. Just like you can’t be single and ask for the things that come with a relationship. Don’t give her false hope because you’re too selfish to be honest with her. Love is not a game, it’s a commitment. If it’s something that you don’t want or are not ready for, that’s okay. Don’t keep the girl by your side because you’re still trying to figure out if she’s the one. Let her go because she deserves better. She deserves to be with someone who doesn’t need time, experience or excuses to know her worth or what she means to him.

Sometimes we let our fear of being seen and loved for who we are shy us away from the one thing we really want. And sometimes we conquer that fear, we remove the obstacles and we step into the light. Because we realize that indecision is hell, it’s suffering. We realize that sometimes losing is in-deed winning in disguise. We realize that maybe it’s not too bad to be honest with the other person, maybe it’s the right thing, to be honest with ourselves. Sometimes we realize that admitting that we’re not enough for someone is a good thing because we’re not trying to be someone we are not, because we understand that we’ll always be enough for the right person.

In making a choice, be it move forward with someone or part ways, we allow ourselves a real chance at something. We allow ourselves to try and fail, to get hurt and learn. Or, we allow ourselves to be happy and make someone else happy, we allow ourselves to be present and alive. And by allowing ourselves to make up our mind on someone, we open our heart to possibility or acceptance. And only then we are actually growing.

So, to the guy who can’t make-up his mind. Please, do. You have it in you to decide. And you’ll make a good call, I’m sure of that. Just remember that what’s standing between you and a moment of clarity is you. Don’t make your own confusion someone else’s. Take ownership of your own life. Make mistakes. Take risks. And most importantly, make-up your mind.

To The Guy Who Can’t Make-Up His Mind