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11 Signs He Secretly Misses You

signs he secretly misses you
Written by Deborah Carbone

Sometimes, fate tears us away from the people that we love the most. For example, you and your partner might be forced to take on long distance, or an argument might have made you decide to take a break. However, in either scenario, there are often a lot of excess feelings. You might discover that you miss your partner, but you can’t decide if he misses you as well. There are ways to figure it out, though. While boys are much likely to keep their feelings to themselves and reveal very little, it’s definitely possible that he’s pining for you as much as you’re pining for him. But how can you tell? We have plenty of little subtle ways a man will express that he misses you without saying it out loud. Here are the signs he secretly misses you, and what they mean.


    He buys you gifts a lot

    He’s not particularly intent on saving up any money, especially when he could use it to treat you to nice things. If you’re far apart, he sends you things in the mail that he thinks you’d like. If you’re close by, he leaves things on your doorstep or surprises you in person.

    It’s not always something big, like jewellery or an expensive perfume. Often, it’s things personal to the pair of you, or little things he knows you’ll appreciate because he knows you so well. The best thing is, he’s not doing it because he expects anything in return. He knows that you appreciate the things he gets for you and that’s reason enough for him to keep going. All he wants is to get closer to you, and it’s one of the strongest signs that he secretly misses you. It’s his way of bringing you closer to his heart and showing he really loves you without having to state it out loud.

    He drunk texts how he’s really feeling

    You haven’t seen each other in a while, whether it’s because he’s far away or because you’re meant to be on a break. Suddenly, at three am, you get a text from him. It’s a little hard to read with all the spelling mistakes, but the general gist makes your heart ache. He’s telling you how he wishes you were there with him and that he misses being around you.

    A man never likes to admit when he is in love. It makes him feel vulnerable to admit that he has emotions that he can’t control. That’s why he waits until he’s drunk to tell you what he’s really feeling. It might seem stupid, especially to women who are always intent on keeping their heart open. However, when you think about it, it’s pretty cute. If alcohol gives him the confidence to open up, then maybe he should drink more often! It’s one of the blatant signs he secretly misses you (though it’s not so much a secret anymore!)

    He has big plans for the pair of you

    Even if you’re on a break from romance with your man, if he’s making plans for the pair of you it shows he’s not planning to go anywhere. Whether it’s a holiday next summer or a house in two years time that he’s planning out, it’s a sure sign that he cares and wants to spend his life by the side of the woman he loves. He might not admit that he misses you, but making these plans fills the hole you’ve left in his heart, and gives him hope for the future. That’s when you know he wants you around.

    He heads to places he knows you’ll be

    Though it’s harder when you live miles and miles apart, you might find your man shows up in places where he knows you’ll be. He might claim he’s getting groceries when he heads to your local store, but there are ten stores closer to his house that he could go to. He’s there for you, there’s no denying it. You can tell he wants to be around you, and any excuse will send him your way.

    He is more sexual than ever before

    When you’re around each other, he just can’t keep his hands off you! He wants you all the time because it makes him feel physically closer to you, even if you’ve been sat right next to him all day. It also makes him feel like you’re connecting with one another, which he craves because he doesn’t know when he might feel that again. When you’re in bed together, he gets the sense that you’re his once again, and he’s missed this closeness between the pair of you.

    He is physical with you in a romantic way

    He could be the toughest guy you know, but now, he’s soppy and sweet every time you’re around. He always wants to hold hands and snuggle because he’s missed that physicality between you. Just like with sex, this physical closeness is important to him. Since he’s not great at expressing his emotions verbally, it’s his way of showing how much he appreciates you and has missed your presence.

    He makes tributes to you on his social media

    When you’re far apart, he often posts old pictures of you together, or shares memories on Facebook from years back. Getting touch with the past you have shared together proves that he misses what you used to have. Whether you lost it because of the distance or because you went on a break, this is one of the strongest signs he secretly misses you, and it’s his way of rekindling the love and happiness you have shared in the past.

    He puts you before anyone or anything else

    He would drop everything in an instant to head over to your place and hang out. He has no higher priority than you because he’s just so glad that you give him the opportunity to be in your life. He wants to be around you whenever he can be, and since you’ve been apart a lot lately, he’s making up for lost time in any way he can. He shows signs he secretly misses you all the time by choosing you above everyone else.

    He reminisces half of the time

    A trip down memory lane is all too common with him. He talks about the good times you shared, and he wants to try and make more memories like that. He’s showing he misses how you used to be, and whatever the circumstances were that drove you further away from one another, he’s aware of the gap and he wants to close it if he can.

    He texts you all the time, and he responds at the speed of light

    He wants to reach out all the time, so even after a conversation dies, he starts up another one. He wants to replace physical closeness with social closeness while you’re apart because it’s the only way for him to have a connection to you. When he texts you, he always replies quickly, desperate to keep the texting like a real conversation. He gets upset if you don’t reply quickly because he’s desperate to hear back from you.

    If he displays these signs he secretly misses you, put him out of his misery

    Don’t let anything hold you back anymore. If you love him and want to be together, find a way to make it work no matter what. True love deserves to be given space to flourish, so make room and watch something beautiful grow.

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