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An Open Letter To The Women Struggling To Conceive

Written by Karen Clark

I see you. You’re quiet and inconspicuous and no one ever knows what you long for deep down. You smile when you see a child walking in front of you. Their mother smiles at you kindly but will never know the pain you have deep down.

You like another post on Facebook when your friend is on her third child. You hurt because you’re constantly reminded of what you and your body have failed to do.

It hurts you when people call children “accidents” when you only wish for that accident to happen to you.

It’s hard to understand how people treat their own children so badly through neglect or abuse. How come they were given children but not you?

You buy test after test, endless amount of money on a single hope you’re holding on to. With every negative the pain builds.

You may be the one who’s been trying years who feels like they will never get a positive.

You may be the person who has no explanation as to why this is happening to you.

Your body may have created a life, within weeks you lost it.

You may have heard to words, “There is no heartbeat.”

You may have carried a child to full term and they were born stillborn.

Somehow and someway this part of your life has left you empty. Wishing and waiting for your time to finally come. It all feels hopeless some days.

There will never be any words enough to make this pain go away but know this, I understand you. I know the pain you’re feeling because I felt it.

My heart hurts for you and I want so badly for this to happen for you. I want you to know you are so very important and you have a purpose.

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