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5 Signs of Emotional Attraction

Signs of emotional attraction
Written by Karen Clark

There are many things we all look for in a potential partner. But, sadly, what most of the people are not concerned with is something called emotional attraction. In the start, you are physically attracted to the way someone looks and you may think that is enough, but trust me- you can’t be more mistaken. Although many of us don’t pay attention to emotional attraction at first or even don’t know what it actually means, it is something you can’t have a mature, healthy and successful relationship without. Emotional attraction is something that keeps the relationship going, even when the butterflies and the looks fade away. It is the first thing you need to pay attention on when you meet a new person of romantic interest. So, here are 5 signs of emotional attraction and how is each of them beneficial for your relationship.

You share similar sense of humour

When you first get to know someone of the opposite sex, their sense of humour is the first thing that draws you to them, besides their physical appearance, making it one of the most obvious signs of emotional attraction. Although you may think that humour is superfluous and not so important for a relationship to last and work out, it is actually crucial. Sharing a sense of humour makes a relationship way more entertaining and brings positivity and optimism in both of yours and your partner’s lives, which results with more happiness and that is something we all strive for. It helps you and your partner relax and become more comfortable with each other and it creates a deeper bond between you two. It has been proven that playfulness and inside jokes between partners are crucial for building a long lasting and secure relationship. Besides, if you want someone to spend the rest of your life with, you want for that time to be filled with positivity and laughter. Life by itself is full of stress and hardships and it’s nice to share it with someone whose sense of humour makes it easier and more bearable. They don’t say that laughter is the best medicine without a reason.

You share similar values and worldviews

It is common for couples to start a relationship without checking if they are compatible and if they share similar values and worldviews. This doesn’t seem to be a problem in the beginning while everything is fun and games and while you both are blinded by the other person, so a lot of people don’t think about it and let their passions and butterflies lead them. But when things become serious and you and your partner start to plan a future together, this is when both of you see the importance of shared values and morals. Your values and worldviews are something that shapes you into the person you are, so it is important for you to have a compatible partner when it comes to these things. Having a partner whose morals and values match yours, creates a deeper connection between you two and sets up a good foundation for a healthier and longer lasting relationship. If you and your partner share similar worldviews, it will always be easier for the two of you to meet each other half way and you’ll have less trouble making important life decisions together. You two may share deep love and passion for one another, but if you don’t share similar morals and worldviews, it is probable that you will need extra patience and effort for the relationship to work.

You can talk about everything

One of the first signs of emotional attraction is the feeling you get when you talk to this other person. Even if you are a closed person, when you are emotionally attracted to someone, you allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of this person. You feel like there is no taboo subjects between the two of you and that you can talk literally about everything since day one. You have the unexplainable need to open up to this person because you are relaxed in front of them, even if you have just gotten to know each other. You are never afraid that you will appear stupid or that this person will judge you, no matter what you say. Neither of you is afraid to tell their true opinion of some subject, even if it differs from the other person’s attitude. You don’t know how this is possible, but since you two have met, you feel like you can trust each other, without being ridiculed or betrayed. This is especially the case with most men. It may sound like a stereotype, but most of them really don’t like opening up about their personal issues in front of just everyone. So, if you’ve met a guy who doesn’t have a problem sharing his emotions, fears, hopes and dreams with you, it is one of the most apparent signs of emotional attraction and attachment.

You two never bore each other

When you meet someone who draws you emotionally, you rarely get tired of this person. You both seem to always have time for each other and are never bored of one another. But, although you probably can’t get your hands off each other, not everything revolves around sex. Instead, one of the most important signs of emotional attraction is the fact that you both are really devoted to everything that the other person has to say. Whatever they are talking about, you find it fascinating and interesting to hear, even if you sometimes disagree. And the same is the other way around. You simply feel that you are not bothering them with your problems and issues and that they are truly listening to you at all times. It seems that your minds naturally sync to the same topic and that the of you can talk for hours, without even realizing how much time has passed and this wouldn’t happen if you don’t share an emotional and mental bond. This is a very important aspect of every relationship if you want it to be a long lasting one, because you can’t expect to spend a lifetime with someone who annoys you the moment they open their mouth.

You respect each other’s opinion

One of the indicators that you are getting emotionally attached to someone and one of the things that make a relationship healthier and more successful is the partners’ respect for one another’s opinion. If you respect someone’s opinion and take their advice into consideration, it is one of the signs of emotional attraction you feel for them. When you respect someone enough to appreciate their opinion on a subject related to something important in your life to the point that you ask for their advice, it is a sign of admiration to this person’s emotional and mental capacities. It is also important when you and your partner are able to agree that you don’t agree over something. Of course, there always exist some deal breakers on which you should have similar attitudes, but it is perfectly acceptable if the two of you don’t have the same view on everything. What is crucial in these kinds of situations is that you respect each other’s point of view, without trying to change it, even if it differs from yours. If this is the case from the beginning, it is clear that the two of you will be able to share opinions and advice respectfully in the future and it is one of the signs of emotional attraction.

5 Signs of Emotional Attraction