4 Signs He Is a Hypocrite

he is a hypocrite
Written by Karen Clark

Being a hypocrite is something we all hate for a reason. Hypocrites are damaging to themselves and to everyone in their surroundings. It may seem bad having one around, but it is even worse to be emotionally involved with a hypocrite. Besides being hypocrites, most of them are also liars, usually, have the tendency to display moral duplicity and moral weakness and most of all- they are prone to emotional manipulation and emotional abuse. All of this may leave deep emotional scars to every girl involved with them, so it is obvious that no woman would consciously choose a hypocrite to be her romantic partner. Unfortunately, the core of their personality consists of acting and deceiving, which often makes people around them think of them differently. They are experts of masking their true personality, so it is hard to see their true colours right away. But, although they seem impossible to read through at first, there are some behaviours patterns almost every hypocrite follows and displays before revealing his true self, which can help you walk away on time. So, if you have doubts about your partner’s real personality, here are 4 signs he is a hypocrite.

He is inconsistent

If you are involved with a hypocrite, he will rarely be consistent and this is the first sign of his hypocrisy. In the beginning, he will make excuses that some unpredictable circumstances have caused him to behave this way, and you’ll, of course, believe it. But, with time, you’ll realize these are all lies and that inconsistency is just a part of his personality. He will make promises which he won’t fulfill and will present himself as having different life values and morals than he actually does- there will be a huge difference between his expressed attitudes and his actual behaviour. Besides being constantly contradictory, his actions will never be inconsistency with his behaviour. Therefore, this man will never make you feel safe because you know you could never consider him trustworthy and reliable.

He expects a lot of you and little from himself

Hypocrites generally have high standards of moral and behaviour. But they rarely think that those standards apply to them. So, instead of being an example of the things they are preaching, they will behave totally the opposite but will, in the same time, expect of you to behave according to the standards they’ve set up. So, if you are involved with a hypocrite, you can expect him to hold grudges on you because of some things he is also doing. This guy feels like he has the right to dictate your and everyone else’s behaviour, but never actually applies those restrictions on himself. Whenever you try to confront him about this, he will make his best effort to manipulate you into thinking he only wants the best for you and that you have understood everything.

He plays the victim

When you are involved with a guy who is a hypocrite, he will never take responsibility for his words and actions. Instead, he simply enjoys playing the role of the victim. So, if you are in a relationship with a hypocrite, expect him to blame you for every little problem that happens in the relationship. After a while, you may start believing him and can have many self-esteem problems before you finally realize that he is just pretending to be a victim. He is the same with everyone else- his boss is mean to him, all of his friends are to blame when they fight and all of his ex-girlfriends caused their breakups- so, you even feel sorry for him. They are similar to narcissists because they both manipulate their victim for a long time into thinking nothing really is their fault. They are both skillful manipulators and it takes you a lot of time before you realize their game.

He acts superiorly

When you are in a romantic relationship, you and your significant other should be partners in the real sense of that word. That means you are equals and that nobody is superior. But, you’ll never be able to achieve this kind of relationship with a hypocrite. A hypocrite will always act like he is better than you, even if he doesn’t have any back up for his behaviour. He won’t directly insult you, but he will belittle you and your opinion under the excuse of his humour, by patronizing you and by implying that he is above you in other ways. He’ll act like he is the more intelligent, the more capable and the more mature one and won’t miss the opportunity to rub it into your face. But, of course, he won’t act like this from the beginning. Similar to playing the victim, it will take you a lot of time before you see his true face.

4 Signs He Is a Hypocrite