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10 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore


A successful relationship is based on honorable values like love, respect, and honesty. Love is the foundation of any relationship, but with time, things tend to decrease or completely disappear. There are a few signs you shouldn’t ignore in a relationship that can prove to you that your partner doesn’t love you anymore. Here are 10 signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

You don’t talk anymore.

If your partner is no longer interested in your life and your dreams, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. So, if your communication is minimal and also if you don’t have any common subjects to talk about, there is a chance love is fading away.

You blame each other for everything.

No matter what is going on, you are always blaming each other. Instead of trying to resolve the issues, you are fighting and arguing to prove the other is guilty. Of course, there are fights in every couple; put when you start fighting over every meaningless detail, maybe it is time to question your feelings. Because from what I know, when someone is always blaming you, it is their own way of showing you they don’t love you anymore.

He is always overthinking.

If you can see your partner overthinking, not paying attention to the conversation, or just seeing him always in his thought… Well, that may mean he is no longer interested in you. What you need to do is sit down with him and talk about the situation. See what is going to be your next step in the relationship because it is better to act at the beginning then to let it deteriorate into something worse.

There is no longer affection between the two of you.

No more kisses on the forehead, no more holding hands in public. You probably feel like you are in a relationship with a stranger who is afraid to touch you. If he is neglecting you, it is time to consider a break up.

He always finds an excuse to not be home.

He is always at work or out with his friends. Or he always grabs the opportunity not to be home with you. Did you ever consider the fact that maybe he is avoiding you? Or maybe he is looking for someone new in his life or he already has someone…

You can’t stand each other anymore.

There are ups and downs in any relationships. But if there are more downs than ups, it is a red sign. If you can’t stand each other most of the time or if you partner is mistreating you and nothing you do is good enough, well, maybe it is time to break up and move on. You deserve a better relationship.

You are no longer in his plans.

For a relationship to last, you need to communicate and have common plans. So, if your partner is excluding you from all of his plans, he clearly doesn’t picture you in his future. And if he doesn’t, well, it is a clear sign your relationship has come to an end and you need to let it go.

He is disrespectful.

Respect is very important in any relationship, sometimes even more important than love. When there is no more respect between the two of you, it is simply not worth it. If he is disrespectful, don’t try to make any effort because your relationship is over and you deserve better.

You are hurting each other.

All the lies, cheating, and disrespect, so many things that are hurting not only you but the both of you may lead to you two hating each other. Don’t let things deteriorate to this point because you don’t need to feel hate in your life. But if you are already there, leave each other before it gets worse. We all deserve a relationship full of love.

He doesn’t give you any explanation.

He is leaving the house without telling you where he is going or with whom, and he doesn’t want to tell you about his day at work because he doesn’t feel obligated anymore. It is because he doesn’t love you anymore, so why are you desperately trying to make things work? Let go and focus on your life.

10 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore