What To Do If You’re Feeling Sad For No Reason

Written by Hayley Anderton

Life can be difficult to navigate sometimes. We always have an onslaught of emotions heading our way, disrupting our peace, making us wonder why we’re feeling the way that we are. Sometimes, these emotions are particularly negative. You can’t figure out where they came from, and the root is so deeply buried that you can’t find a way to unearth them. If you’re feeling sad for no reason, it could be a sign of something serious.

Depression is more common than you might think, and it could be an answer to how you’re feeling. Over one in three Americans will struggle with a mental health disorder at some point in their life, and depression – as well as anxiety – is one of the most common that people suffer from. Contrary to popular belief, depression doesn’t just come after you lose a loved one, or if you’re struggling at work, or when you’re already having a hard time. Depression can come about randomly, and seemingly in some of the happiest people.

There are some obvious symptoms of depression you should look out for. Aside from feeling sad for no reason, you might feel lethargic, unenergized and uninterested in the world around you. People who suffer from depression often report losing interest in their once favourite hobbies, and without the distraction of something good in their lives, they can sink further into their depressive mode.

There are more obvious symptoms too. Crying without much to prompt you can be a sign of something worse than a bad mood. Unsociable behaviour and an avoidance of even your closest friends is another common sign. You might also lose your grip on reality, finding even the simplest of tasks to be almost impossible.

People feeling this way often turn to drugs and alcohol, either to drown out their sorrows or in an attempt to feel something other than the crushing agony of depression. It’s a terrible condition that takes more lives every year than car accidents.

So if these symptoms sound familiar to you, it’s possible you’re experiencing depression. Though you need a doctor’s opinion on the matter, it can always be helpful to have some guidance and some extra knowledge of what could be happening inside your head. It can feel like a hopeless situation, but there are ways for you to overcome what you’re going through.

So what can you do if you’re feeling sad for no reason? Here are some of our tips and tricks to get you through this difficult time.

Avoid stimulants

It can be very tempting to turn to drugs or alcohol to solve all of your problems. You’ve seen other people do it, and you see how much their mood improves when they’re taking stimulants. However, what you possibly don’t see is the aftermath. Alcohol can be just as dangerous as class A drugs, especially in the long term. It destroys your liver, and it will make you sick and lethargic if you drink too much in one go. It’s a heavy price to pay for a few hours of a heightened mood, and it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, alcohol just makes things worse. It can make people moody and violent, which is the opposite of the effect you would hope for.

Drugs, of course, are often illegal. Even the ones that aren’t are not a substitute to finding real help and moving on from feeling sad for no reason. You need to be alert and sound of mind to understand your own thinking, and with drugs in your system, you won’t be making the right choices. It can put your life in danger – overdoses are far too common to comprehend, and drugs lower your inhibitions and lead you to put your own life in danger. It’s something to consider before you go down a dark path you can’t return from.

Build up some defences

Think of your mental illness as the enemy and your body as the army that will defeat it. The situation is in your hands. Listen to what your doctor tells you, but also find personal ways of coping with what’s happening to you. While antidepressants and therapy have their advantages, so does figuring out works for you as an individual.

There are plenty of things you can try – colouring books are said to be good for depression, and reading is also good if you can find the energy for it. Figure out the things that make you happy and keep them close to your heart. For example, you could make a box of your favourite things, so that when you feel low, you can turn to it for comfort. You might put chocolate in there as a treat, or a CD of your favourite band to make you smile. Whatever you need to feel better, you should utilize and treasure in your road to recovery.

Consult a doctor

No matter how much you believe you can do something alone, you should always consult a doctor if you’re feeling hopeless or uncertain about your emotions. If it’s stuck with you for a while and you don’t know how to shake it off, it’s always best to make a doctor aware of what’s happening to you. It’s not a waste of their time – whether you visit them as a one of, or you see them regularly twice a week, they will be happy in the knowledge that they can support you in some way.

Keep socially active

Being busy distracts you from any dangerous feelings you might be having. Do exciting things to fill your time – like perhaps volunteering or going on a walk in the countryside – and do it with the people you care about most. Laughter is said to be the best medicine, so make sure you’re putting yourself in a position where you can encourage the best times with the best people.

Keep yourself healthy

A healthy body is vital to a healthy mind. Getting enough exercise, sleep and healthy food will feed positivity to your brain and encourage positive hormones to be produced in your body. These positive hormones will often help attack the brain’s negative thought processes and give you a boost. If you for some reason can’t get enough sleep, that’s something else you can bring up to your doctor. If you have issues with food, such as bulimia or anorexia, that’s another thing your doctor can take into consideration so long as you make them aware. Make life easier for yourself as much as possible by doing the things that keep your body in check.

Question why you’re feeling sad for no reason

If there doesn’t seem to be a root to the issue, it doesn’t always mean there isn’t one. Think hard to yourself about what could be a part of the problem, and tackle any negative issues when they come to you.

Talk to somebody

Nothing is more important in this scenario than leaning on the people you trust. Keeping your emotions quiet will only lead to further suffering. The people around you will want to help, and all you have to do is let them in. Tell them what’s going on and they can lend an ear to your issues. Even if they don’t know how to help directly, they can help put in place a course of action to get you on the road to recovery.

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