To The Girl Who Stopped Caring About Herself

girl who stopped caring about herself
Written by Naida

To the girl who stopped caring about herself,

I know you want to make everyone happy, and I know it is just the way you are. But how can you make everyone happy if you’re not happy yourself?

You should be your own priority because no one is more important to you than you. I know you’re doing your best so that your friends and family are happy, but you know what? They’re going to be happy anyway. Yes. Yes, you read that right… They are going to be happy without you trying to make them happy.

So, you should be focusing on making yourself happy and caring about your needs. What is it that makes you happy? Is it a night out, a good book, or maybe shopping? I don’t know, but what I know is that if you don’t care about your needs, not a lot of people will care for them either.

You are your own masterpiece. And nothing is more important than your happiness. I know every word seems cliché, but it’s true. People will be happy without you making them happy. But what about you? Don’t let people use you because of your kindness. Does anyone care about you the way you care about them? I didn’t think so.

So maybe it is time to make yourself a priority and stop being an option. Trust me; they will survive without your constant efforts. You don’t have to justify yourself. Be whatever you want to be. Do whatever you want to do. You need to take care of yourself first. Be the best version of yourself. And to do so, you need to start taking care of you.

By taking care of you, you are not only helping yourself, you are also helping others. You may be wondering how that is. Well, when someone is happy they have a certain energy. You know, this positive energy that fills the entire room. When you’re happy, well, you’re the one who fills the room.

When you are surrounded by this positivity, people around you tend to absorb your energy. And the best thing is that you didn’t do anything. Well, that’s not entirely true; you did take care of yourself. You focused on your happiness. And that’s what really matters.

Taking care of yourself is not an option, it is priority. Because there is only one you. Doing everything you can to be the best version of yourself will help you become a complete person.

A person you can be proud of and others can be proud of, too. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean that you are selfish. I know it can be hard starting to put yourself first when you used to put everyone before you, but you don’t have a choice. Nobody is more important or better than you. It is your life and only yours.

Live to the fullest so that when you’re old you don’t have any regrets. You are the main actor of your life, and no one can steal your role. So act like it. Don’t be a second role in your own life.

Do the things that make you happy. Don’t wait for an opportunity to come—make that opportunity. No one can fulfill your needs the way you can because you know yourself best.

You can’t truly make someone happy, or love someone unless you love yourself. Maybe it is love but this love isn’t pure. It can only become pure if you love yourself first.

At the end of the day the person you go home with is you—what can be better than going home happy and feeling proud of the person you are? Well, I don’t know any better feeling than this one.

Taking care of yourself should not be just a phase, you need to do that continually. It is a long process which is worth it. And one day, you’ll look at your reflection in the mirror, and you will feel proud of yourself. You will know that you lived your life the way you wanted.

Be the sunshine of the room, be a role model, be anything you want. But please, take care of yourself before taking care of anybody else.

To you from a true friend.


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