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He Still Loves You If He Does These 11 Things

he still loves you

Do you ever doubt in your boyfriend’s love for you? There are, for sure, those days in your relationship when you don’t feel like he is in a mood to do anything with you. You start thinking that your relationship is one of those tricky ones.

Or perhaps you have been in a relationship but you are still not sure if you can say “I love you.” You don’t know whether it is too soon or just the right time. Also, your partner didn’t tell you that he loves you yet. So, you don’t know if that is just hanging or a game playing between the two of you or it’s something serious.

If you are not sure in his love, these are some signs that will convince you that that’s the right guy and he still loves you.

He texts you in the morning.

No matter how much you doubt, if you are the first thing that comes to his mind in the morning, he cares for sure. Perhaps you already got used to his messages, so you read it superficially. My advice is to relax, because he is into you. Otherwise, who would think about sending a text to someone who is not worth, especially in the morning?

He can’t wait to see you.

Maybe you were separated for few days or just a couple of hours, but he can’t hide how much he missed you. Even if he is tired or not in a good mood, he has smile on his face when you show up. It is very nice and valuable that he shows you how much you lighten his day.

He is a good listener.

You know that girls are known for endless talking, but no matter what are you talking about, your guy will listen to you. He knows that it is important to you, otherwise you wouldn’t waste the time.

Your opinion is important to him.

If you complain about something in your relationship, or you want to tell your opinion about his looks, he will patiently listen to you. So, your words are important, and if that is true, then you are also important as no one.

He enjoys sleeping with you.

When you sleep, you need space. Well, everyone needs it. But your partner loves to wrap around you in the bed. He will give you as much space as you want, because watching you sleep is the sweetest thing for him.

You can rely on him.

You have your own protector. Whenever you have a problem, you are not solving it on your own. You get through an illness with ease, because you have your partner who will take care of you. Your boyfriend is looking after you because he wants to. Could there be any bigger sign that he loves you?

He never forgets about your important dates.

Many men can’t remember those important dates like anniversaries or birthdays, but yours is not like them. Your boyfriend not only remembers it, but always surprises you with a beautiful place to go or a present that he buys on your important date. As he is a good listener, he always knows what present to buy according to what you need.

He wants to surprise you occasionally.

Making an effort to make someone happy is very nice and kind. Your boyfriend enjoys surprising you for no reason. He doesn’t buy you something too expensive or big, but all those little gestures and presents can show you how much he thinks about you. He shows up with a flower box or your favorite cookies. It’s very valuable, so make sure you are not one of those “never satisfied” girls.

He likes romance.

It doesn’t mean that he wants to have dinner and take you to his place right after it and have sex. Romance can be much more than that. Your partner likes to talk and have a glass of wine with you.

He loves your success.

When something big happens in your life, he is the first one who wants to celebrate that. Perhaps you graduated or changed your job and he is always proud of you. He sees you as independent and a strong person, and he loves you even more for that.

He loves to hold you long.

Girls love to cuddle with their partners, and it is beautiful if you have a partner who is soft and loves hugging and kissing with you. When he hugs you, you feel his love and you never want it to stop.

Love is truly beautiful and you should never settle for less than a partner who shows you his love each day.

He Still Loves You If He Does These 11 Things