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18 Things You’ll Understand if You’re Insanely Blunt

insanely blunt
Written by Karen Clark

Being insanely blunt has its advantages. On one hand, you have no fake friends and you can smell bullshit a mile away. Though we may come off as vain, we’re just being honest… maybe a little too honest.

  1. Sarcasm is your humor and your guard. Most of your jokes are littered with sarcasm, but sarcasm also protects you from annoying people.
  2. Only your best friends know how you use your sarcasm.
  3. In addition to sarcasm is a bit of random sassiness.
  4. When it comes to first dates, you’re not interested in the surface of the person but their heart. You want to know who they are and what they’re about.
  5. But that’s why you’re not dateable. It’s rare to find someone who’s not intimidated by you. Nowadays it seems like people just want quick satisfaction when it comes to dating.
  6. You don’t sugarcoat anything. Not everything has to be sweet and nice.
  7. People tend to think you’re a bitch, but there’s a difference between being honest and being mean.
  8. You know the truth hurts, but it also is the greatest gift you could give.
  9. When you give advice to your friends, you give it to them kind of brutally.
  10. It’s not that you don’t like them, it’s that you love them so much, and that it’s necessary to be honest even if it hurts them.
  11. Because you’re not the one to leave your friends stuck in a pit of everlasting mistakes.
  12. Your bluntness is actually worse when you drink.
  13. Maybe that’s why you have a ton of bruises…
  14. You try to avoid politics since everyone knows you don’t hold back on that.
  15. Because for you, opinions can become useless pretty quickly if they’re just used as a cover up for ignorance.
  16. And speaking of opinions, you just don’t care about what people think of you.
  17. It’s why you make most people uncomfortable because your personality is real and true. You have no reason to put a mask on.
  18. Life’s way better that way.

18 Things You’ll Understand if You’re Insanely Blunt