If You Are In Your Twenties, Here Are 10 Things You Need to Hear

Written by Selma

Although your twenties can be rough and weird from time to time, they are also the prime time of your life if you know how to handle them right. These are the years that determine your future, but this is also the period you should enjoy to the fullest. It’s natural for you to feel pressures, stressed out, and insecure, because you probably feel like you don’t have a clue what you are doing half of the time, and at the same time, you know these are the years that will define you.

So, if you think you could use some advice about handling your twenties, here are 10 things you simply need to hear.

If he doesn’t treat you right, he’s not worth it.

This is a time of your life when you are probably searching for the right guy and for true love. But what is important is that you don’t look for it in the wrong men. Know your worth and don’t allow any guy to treat you in any way you don’t deserve.

Don’t change for anyone.

You are a unique individual who never has to change to fit anyone’s standard. It’s okay to push yourself forward if you want to improve, but never change for someone else. There will always be people around you who won’t be satisfied with some of the decisions you are making, but that is their problem. All you have to do is learn how to accept it and not care about it.

Good things don’t happen overnight.

Great things await you in life. But they don’t happen overnight. If you want something, you have to earn it and you have to fight for it, no matter what is in question. Every success requires hard work, so set up your goals and don’t get disappointment if you don’t achieve everything you wanted on your first try.

You can be happy and single.

Having a boyfriend can be awesome, but sometimes your single life can be even better. If you want to be happy, never allow your relationship status to determine your value. You are a complete person without having a significant other. Never settle for someone just so you are not alone. Instead, enjoy your single life as much as you can, because trust me—you’ll miss it one day.

Your parents are probably right.

You’re past your teen years, but there are still moments when you think your parents are your worst enemies. Trust me—they are not. It is possible that sometimes they don’t know how to approach you, but they only want the best for you. And they probably know better, so at least try to take their advice into consideration from time to time.

Embrace your sexuality.

I am not saying you should sleep with every guy that crosses your path, but now is the time to embrace your sexuality. These are the years in which you should find out what are the things you enjoy or don’t enjoy and the years in which you should get to know yourself in this way as well. Just remember that you should never do something you are not comfortable with and that everyone has to respect your boundaries.

Have fun.

I know this is a period when you are faced with big, life-changing decisions, and that overwhelms you sometimes. You are probably scared of growing up and that burdens you more than it should. It’s great if you are responsible, but don’t take life so seriously. It’s okay to cut yourself some slack and to relax when you feel the need to. Always remember to have fun and to do the things that make you happy.

Whatever you are going through, it will pass.

There are moments when you think that the weight of the entire world has fallen on your shoulders, and you see no possible way out. But always remember that there is a light at the end of every tunnel, and this is not just an empty phrase. Whatever you are going through right now will pass. And when you are older and look back at most of the problems you are having now, you’ll consider them to be foolish.

Put yourself first.

Don’t be selfish or self-centered, but make sure to always put yourself first. Nobody will do it instead of you. Learn to love, appreciate, respect, and take care of yourself and others will follow. And even if they don’t, you’ll have yourself. Believe me, if you start prioritizing yourself while you are young, you’ll save yourself a lot of tears in the future.

Live your life to the fullest.

You only have one life and this is the time to live it. Use your every potential and do the things you always wanted to do. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every breath you take. Just please make sure not to hurt yourself or anyone else in any possible way in the process.


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