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When You Love A Strong Woman, You’ll Know The Difference

strong woman
Written by Karen Clark

Who she is will be proven day in and day out because of who she chooses to be. The very essence of who she is, is formed in every decision she makes, every word she speaks, every lie or every truth, and how she decides to carry herself.

She is the one who doesn’t come up with excuses for her actions. She owns up to what she has done or whatever she has said. You’ll never see her caught in a lie because the truth sets her free.

She will not guilt you to control you. A strong woman knows that she is not your keeper. You are in charge of your decision just as she is in charge of hers. 

She will never use a man for his money. She knows her worth and her purpose in this world. She does not need a man’s income to acquire what she wants. She’ll be the one focused on her career, her passions, not materialistic things that fill voids.

I assure you, there will be people who will try and bring her down, try and discredit her, try and destroy her character, and make her look like she is the enemy. My advice to you is to never trust someone in sheep’s clothingbe aware of the one who is always playing a victim.

A strong woman is the one who will never put on an act, a sob story, or make people feel like she needs sympathy. Just because she has strength doesn’t mean that she has never felt pain or been broken in her life. She is different because she chooses to not let what hurt her define her. She takes it one day at a time knowing that she will overcome this and she will get through it.

Nothing is as unfair as when the morals of who is compromised because of deception or false allegations. Especially when people who do not know her believe the lies said about her. What people say about her never breaks her. She knows the truth, and the truth always remains the truth no matter how it’s twisted.

She is strong because she has looked into the face of the people who hate her and never flinched. She knows her worth. When you ask her, how the hell does she do it? She’ll say, “I didn’t have a choice to fail.”

I have seen too many women try and destroy other woman. Whether it stems from jealousy, insecurity, or just pure hatred. I’ve seen too many women degrade their man, manipulate, control, and mask it as “respect” to their woman.

Find that rare woman, and I promise you a life of happiness and fulfillment.

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