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6 Signs You’re in the Wrong Relationship

you're in the wrong relationship
Written by Nela Baricevic

It’s not a surprise that people sometimes stumble into the wrong relationship. But there is no doubt that we have to know the borderline between a terrible relationship and an amazing one. Sure, I agree that nothing’s perfect, even when we talk about relationships, but we all deserve to be happy. According to that, it’s important to let go of the wrong ones.

Wondering if you’re in the wrong relationship? Learn about these six signs…

You check each other’s phone.

At first, this idea is no big deal. But think againif you and your partner believe each other and if there is some level of trust between the two of you, there is no need for this rude checking. Furthermore, if your partner is hiding the phone from you, then there is more to it. So, one way or another, checking each other’s phone is never a good sign, and it is definitely a sign which is screaming that you are in the wrong relationship.

You constantly threaten to leave the relationship.

You should threaten to leave the relationship only when it comes to huge screwups. Just think for a secondif you keep threatening but never go, the power of the threat gets smaller each time you use it. Saying, “I’m leaving you” is not the equivalent to saying, “If you just apologize and change your behavior, I’ll stay and we’ll get through it together.” You must be very careful when it comes to “I’m leaving you,” because it is definitely a strong sign that things between you and your partner aren’t going too well.

You have your own plans and dreams which are separate from your partner.

You’re planning to adopt a dog, to buy yourself a new car, to save some money so you can travel the world… and at first, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong with your plans. But wait a second… what about your partner? It’s never, ever a good sign to make separate plans about your future life while you’re still in a relationship.

You have nothing in common.

Some people tend to say that the more different you are from your partner, the better your relationship will be. Honestly, I disagree. I disagree simply because if the two of you have a lot of in common, you probably won’t have any problems to plan your free time. But, the truth is, even if you and your partner have nothing in common, you don’t have to break up. You only need to learn how to deal with the situation. Creating a routine and learning how to compromise is definitely the first step. So, in this case, there is still some hope.

You don’t feel happy.

Can you imagine a life without your partner? How does it make you feel? If you’re truly happy, thinking about leaving him will make you feel very bad. Besides that, ask yourself if you feel safe, because if you really do, there is nowhere you’d rather be than beside the one you love. On the other side, if you can imagine your life without your partner and you don’t feel any safer when you’re around him or her in comparison to when you’re around other people, the truth is there’s something missing in your relationship. If you feel sad and you cry a lot, it’s obvious that it is time for… do I really have to continue?

Last but not least…

You constantly ask yourself if you’re in the wrong relationship.

If you keep asking yourself if there’s something wrong with your relationship, the answer is probably – yes! Is it time to react? It is. If you day by day feel bad about something in your relationship, then you must react.

Save it or leave it? The choice is all yours.

But please, keep in mind the meaning of the word consequences.


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