It is not uncommon for a great relationship to seemingly go bad out of the blue. Sometimes, you may think that your relationship is going in a positive direction, and you are shocked when it comes to an end, not knowing what went wrong. The first thing you need to know is that it is quite rare for a relationship to end without a deeper cause that was present for a while, but maybe you just failed to notice it. Sometimes, the reason your partner has left you is not the real cause of the breakup—it is only the final trigger. But, sometimes there are some things that obviously lead to a breakup.

Although every couple is different and, therefore, different things can lead to them separating, there are some of the most common things that cause most couples to break up. So, if you and your partner truly want to have a healthy relationship and don’t want a breakup to happen, avoid doing these three things that lead to a breakup.

Unrealistic expectations

Many people enter a relationship with unrealistic expectations and end up disappointed when another person cannot fulfill them. Some want to find a perfect someone, and they expect to find a person to fit their imaginary standards. In the beginning, while we are madly in love, most of us look at the person of our interest through pink sunglasses. So, we end up forming an image of that person that differs from the actual qualities that someone possesses. As time passes, our feeling of being in love fades away, and with time, we lose our pink glasses and we end up seeing the person realistically and for who they truly are. But sometimes this person doesn’t look and doesn’t behave the way we imagined they would. When we see their true flaws, suddenly this person no longer meets our expectations. And this is where problems start to occur. If you are hoping to have a successful and a healthy relationship, the first thing you have to accept is that nobody is perfect and that you can’t find the person of your dreams. Also, you need to learn to accept your partner with all of their flaws. Otherwise, a breakup will be inevitable.

Lack of trust

Trust is one of the stone pillars of every committed relationship. But in today’s dating world, mutual trust is one of the hardest things to achieve, and at the same time, it’s one of the easiest things to lose. If there is no trust, no relationship can ever succeed. But, sadly, most couples don’t try hard enough to acquire one another’s trust. What many don’t know is that the lack of trust can cause multiple other problems in a relationship. When you and your partner don’t have complete trust in each other, you can’t expect to have a close, intimate relationship. Of course, you can live without fully trusting one another up to one moment, but eventually lack of it will come to the surface and it will bring your relationship to its end.

Emotional baggage

Emotional baggage is one of the most important things both you and your partner have to get rid of before entering a new relationship. We all have some emotional wounds and scars that are a part of who we are now, but starting a new relationship while you haven’t resolved everything regarding your previous one is one of the biggest mistakes people make. You shouldn’t get yourself emotionally involved with a new person if you are trying to make your ex jealous or if you want to get even—it is not fair to either of you. Another thing you need to know is that no one has the duty to heal your emotional wounds or to save you from the emotional damage someone from your past has caused you. Although this should be a part of common knowledge, sadly, there are many people who act like they don’t know it. They end up carrying all the emotional baggage from their previous relationships into a new one. And that can never be a foundation for something healthy. In most cases, when the new person realizes what is actually going on, this leads to a breakup. In order to avoid another painful experience, don’t enter anything new unless you are sure you are completely ready to love and let another person in your life.