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To The Girl Who Grew-Up Without A Father

Written by Farah Ayaad

You’ll find a male figure to look up to. Maybe he’s a family relative. Maybe he’s a family friend. Maybe he’s a teacher who inspires you. Or maybe he’s a good friend of yours. He’ll be someone who will be there when you need him. He’ll be someone who you can freely talk to. He’ll be someone who you can rely on, trust and open your heart to. He’ll be someone who will protect you from the bad guys. He’ll be someone who will be there at the important events in your life like your graduation, your wedding, or the day you become a mother. He’ll be someone who shows you what a real man is. He’ll be someone who shows you that not all men walk away. He’ll be someone who proves to you that there are good men out there and that you’re not alone.

You may not get that lucky to meet someone to be that for you. But you’ll get lucky in meeting someone who will be that person for your kids. You’ll break the cycle because you’ll make better choices. You’ll get your share of happiness because you can change your future. You’ll get to know what it means to have a partner who’s there for you on the rainy and shiny days. You’ll get to have someone by your side who respects you, loves you, and appreciates you. You’ll get to feel safe and secure. You’ll get to know what it means to have someone who protects you when you need and don’t need protection. You’ll get to know the good and the beautiful because the bad and the ugly taught you what you won’t accept, what you don’t want, and what it is that you actually deserve.

You’ll get to understand why it happened. One day, when you’ve moved on, when you’ve healed, when you’ve made peace with your past, you’ll get to see how your pain made you into the woman you are. You’ll get to see how it shaped you into a resilient and an independent woman. You’ll get to know how your experiences made you into the kind, compassionate, and loving person you are. You’ll get to understand that unfortunate things are bound to happen. And that sometimes the wound is never completely healed. But you’ll also get to understand that sometimes in life we cannot have it all, that you don’t need to have it all to be happy, whole, or lucky. You’ll understand that sometimes having an unfortunate situation is better than having what it seems to be a perfect life. You’ll understand that your past is what makes you unique, it’s what no one can take away from you because it’s your history. You’ll understand that your past doesn’t have to define you.

You’ll realize that growing up without a father is a sad thing, but it’s not the saddest thing of them all. Life takes something from you, but it gives you something far more valuable in return. You’ll realize that you’re okay and that everything will be okay. You’ll realize that what you have is already enough because it’s all about perspective. It’s all about accepting what it is, it’s all about living the best life that you can instead of looking at the life you could have lived.


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