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5 Signs He Is the Perfect Man for You

Perfect man for you
Written by Karen Clark

Throughout your dating life, you will meet and get yourself involved with multiple guys. But one of them will stand out. He will be different in everything, and deep down, you will just know it. He will show you that he is different by the way he talks to you, by the ways he kisses you, by the way he holds your hand and most importantly, by the way he treats you and by the way he makes you feel.

If you think you have finally met this perfect man, but you still have doubts about it, here are some signs that will tell you he really is the perfect man for you.

  • He is interested in you.

Once you finally meet the right guy, he will be attracted to you on more than a physical level. Instead, he will be in love with you as a person, and he will be attracted to your mind and soul, as well. Therefore, he will always be interested in you as an individual and will never look at you as an object. This guy is a great listener and will really listen to everything you have to say. He wants to know everything about you—your interests, hobbies, hopes, fears, dreams—because he wants to get to know you completely. If the guy is right, he will never get sick and tired of you. Yes, it may happen that he sometimes can’t relate to the problems you might be having, but that will not prevent him from doing his best to understand you and help you.

  • He takes care of you.

Men usually have the instinct to protect the woman they love. So, if the perfect man really loves you, he will express his affection through different ways, and one of them will be taking care of you. This man will be concerned with the little things about you such as if you had enough sleep, if you have eaten, or if you are cold. It’s not that he perceives you as a little kid and it’s not that he doesn’t think you can take good care of yourself—he just has the need to show you his love this way. When a man really falls in love with you, you become his number one priority. He even starts putting your needs in front of his own. He starts looking at your problems as his own as well, because he perceives the two of you as a team now.

  • He loves you for who you are.

Many people in your life, including men, will do everything they can to try and change you. They will try to mold you to become the kind of woman they’ve imagined having, and they will want you to be someone who will fit their standards. But when the perfect man comes into your life, he won’t even think of doing that. This man won’t be blinded by you—he will see your flaws. But, he will love you with all of those flaws, because he will love the real you. He won’t think you are perfect, but you will be perfect for him and that is more than enough.

  • He believes in you.

The right man will never be intimidated by your success. Instead, he will always push you forward and be your number one support, no matter what you put your hands on. This guy will believe in you even when you lose hope in yourself. Although he will never try to change you, his love and support will make you want to become the best possible version of yourself. Once you start seeing yourself through his eyes, you will see how strong and brave you really are.

  • He makes you feel special.

When you are involved with the wrong guys, you will always have the need to compete with other girls. You will feel like you are not beautiful or smart enough. But when you meet the right one, you will be more than enough. This guy will have eyes for you only and you will never feel the need to be intimidated by any other girl in his surroundings. He will look at you like you are the only girl in the world. He will make you feel special and unique, because you really are special to him.

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