28 Life Lessons I’ve Learned by Age 28…

28 life lessons
Written by Nela Baricevic

Here are 28 life lessons I learned by age 28. Of course, those are just the biggest ones. There are many, many more… Or to say it in a different way, each day is a lesson if you give it a chance.

Rejection hurts and angers us, but it has no impact on you unless you let it have an impact. Right? So it is nothing to be afraid of because rejection doesn’t make you feel like crap. YOU make you feel like crap. And that’s a big difference.

Stay away from toxic people. Toxic and negative people will try to make you feel bad about yourself. Just go away from them. Don’t waste time on explaining. They won’t get it.

Giving advice is much easier than taking it. Note this to yourself. Note that it takes a lot more courage while we’re taking advice than while we giving it to someone.

It’s okay not to be okay. You can’t always be happy and in love with life.

You’re not alone. Never. You can sometimes feel like you’re alone, but the truth is, you’re not. There are always some family and friends who are willing to help you. Maybe you just need some time so you can realize that.

You don’t boost your confidence without being scared first. Yes, it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to feel insecure. And, in order to boost your confidence, try these simple steps: get rid of negativity, bring on the positivity, be prepared, and make a list of all things you are proud of accomplishing.

When we talk about friends, less is actually more. You don’t need to have a long list of friends. What is important is that you have friends on which you can rely on.

Read. Don’t give up on books. You’ll feel much better after reading and that is a promise.

We are all different and that’s okay. You must learn how to accept the difference between people. We shouldn’t judge each other; instead, we should learn how to appreciate the difference between us.

You’re allowed to change your mind. You can change your mind. You can quit a job you don’t love, and you can end a relationship without closure. Sure, you can do anything you want. You are free to do it. But yes, you must think about the consequences of your actions.

It’s okay to make a mistake. Why? Because mistakes are life lessons that can lead you to something awesome and they don’t dictate your life. Plus, there’s always a way out so you can try again.

If you’re not sure about something, Google it. Really, Google is a powerful tool which can be very helpful. You only have to know how to use it.

Don’t make your decisions based on other people’s opinions. The truth is most of us do seek approval from others. Mainly from our family and friends. But too many times we allow our decisions to be guided by what someone else might think is right.

You should spend your money on memories, rather than on things. Things get old, dirty, and useless. Memories are forever. Make yourself happy. Make your family and friends happy. Enjoy. Travel.

Saving money is important too. Don’t forget to save some money. It’s a good feeling to know you have something you can count on. And it’s important to know you can count on some extra money.

You and only you are responsible for your own happiness. Happiness is a choice. Don’t let anyone or anything destroy your own happiness. Get rid of negative people and drama. Smile more. Laugh more. Heal yourself.

Let it be. Stop trying to control everything. First of all, stop trying to control the outcome. Believe me, you’re wasting a lot of time thinking about things you can’t control.

Be honest. This is a very simple but also very helpful lesson. You must be honest. There’s no better way to keep yourself safe from negativity and chaos.

Spend time with your grandparents. They won’t live forever, and you’ll feel deeply sorry when their time comes. I’ve learned it the hard way.

Respect and treasure your body. It’s beautiful just the way it is, and you need to take care of it as best as you possibly can. Don’t forget—it makes your life possible! It makes you feel, love, live. Appreciate it.

You can’t please everybody. Don’t even try to do it because it will make you crazy. Believe me, I tried. I failed.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. This one is very, very important because I believe you want to be taken seriously once you promise something, but people won’t take you seriously if you give them a promise and then you let them down.

Speak up. People can’t really read your mind. You must say what you want and only then you’ll be able to get it.

Be as kind to yourself and your partner as you would be to other people. Respect yourself. Respect your partner too. Give yourself a break and give your partner a smile.

Give yourself a break. Spend some time alone. Get to know yourself. Appreciate the silence.

Spend time in nature. Nature is the first that will heal you, so give it a chance. If you live in a city, remember that even walking in city parks counts as “nature.”

Love. Don’t hate. And if you can’t show any love, just walk away. I don’t think you need any further explanation on this one. Am I right?

Relax and find your way. It is okay, and it will be okay. Believe me, it will.


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