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3 Tips To Help You and Your Partner Stay Faithful

stay Faithful
Written by Selma

Sadly, cheating has become a part of our reality to the extent that is seems like it has become almost socially acceptable. But, trust me—it is not and it never should be. But, although we all like to deal with consequences of cheating and to judge the person who cheated, the prevention of cheating is rarely talked about. Of course, there are people who have cheating in their blood, but usually it happens with some deeper reasons. So, when cheating happens, there is little you can do. Therefore, it is crucial to work on building and maintaining a steady and a healthy relationship before the cheating occurs, because it is probably only the consequence of some other issues. Here are some pieces of advice that can help you keep your relationship safe and some tips to help you and your partner stay faithful.

Keep the communication alive.

Communication is one of the fundamentals of every successful relationship, including romantic ones. Without healthy communication, you cannot expect to have a healthy relationship. Although I could never justify cheating under any circumstances, I think that unhealthy communication, or the total lack of communication, is one of the most common reasons people cheat on each other. So, in order to stay faithful, work on communication in the relationship. If you are not satisfied with your relationship, you shouldn’t go running to the first person that comes along. Instead, you should first do your best to fix the relationship you are in. In order to do that, you and your partner’s lines of communication must always be open. This way, you both will feel comfortable enough to talk about the problems and the issues you two are having. When you encounter something that is bothering you in your relationship, talk it through with your significant other. This way, you’ll deal with one problem at a time and neither of you will have the need to search for someone else. Even if it happens that one of you starts having feelings for someone else, the only honest thing to do is to be sincere about it. Remember, it’s always better to leave than to cheat.

Spice up the sex life.

No matter what anyone tells you, sex is one of the most important parts of every grown up romantic relationship. Ironically, sex becomes even more important when it is bad or non-existing. In the beginning, while you and your partner were madly in love with each other, you couldn’t take your hands off each other. But, with time, it’s perfectly natural that sex is not your number one priority anymore. Keep in mind that we all have the urge for sex and that it is one of the things keeping a couple together. Sadly, many people look for sex somewhere else if they are not satisfied with the amount or the quality of it in their relationship. So, it is really important to always keep your sex life alive, no matter how long you two have been together, if you both want to stay faithful. This doesn’t mean that you or your partner have to do something that you are not comfortable with, just to please the other person. Instead, talk about the things that excite the both of you, and always try to bring something new in your sex life.

Don’t flirt.

Nowadays, cheating has become a vague concept. Therefore, many people don’t consider it cheating when they flirt with someone of the opposite sex, when they text other people, or even when they have different dating apps. But if you and your partner are in an exclusive relationship, you two should be committed to each other. Therefore, all of the things mentioned above are definitely cheating and should be treated that way. Cheating is not something only physical—it can happen on more levels. Flirting and talking with other people of the opposite sex is disrespectful towards your partner and can easily lead to the actual cheating, so it’s best to avoid it if you want to remain faithful. If you are constantly thinking whether there is someone better waiting for you or you have the desire to be on the dating market, then it may be better for you to be single, because you are obviously not ready for a committed relationship.


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