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11 Signs He’s Falling In Love With You

Written by Deborah Carbone

A man doesn’t always express right away when he’s fallen in love. It might take a little while before those three little words cross his lips. However, there are plenty of signs he’s falling in love with you to look out for. Here are a few of the main ones.

He checks up on you when you’re not together

He texts you to say good morning. He asks how your day was. He’s genuinely interested in what you did, who you spoke to and all the daily things that make up your day. He’s not possessive – he just wants to know you’re doing good because he cares.

He sees you as a team

One of the best signs he’s falling in love with you is when he wants to take on the world as a pair. You split chores equally, work through issues together, and make everything a joint effort when possible. If he didn’t care, he’d let you do everything by yourself.

He argues his point if he has to

One of the signs he’s falling in love with you is that he doesn’t hold back in an argument, because he actually cares about the outcome. If he doesn’t stand his ground, it probably doesn’t mean much to him.

He doesn’t keep you on a leash

Your man isn’t worried that you’ll go elsewhere for love because he can sense you’re happy together, and he trusts you. He would never stop you hanging out with friends or try to keep you all to himself. He understands he’s an important part of your world – just as you’re part of his – but that you have other commitments too. He knows it makes you happy to see other friends too, so he doesn’t mind at all.

He holds hands with you

It’s an intimate gesture reserved for the people most important to you. It’s romantic and sweet, and if a guy wants to hold hands with you, you can tell he’s falling hard for you.

He introduces you to his friends and family

Making you a part of his day to day plans shows that you’re a permanent fixture in his life. If he wants you to meet his family and friends, it’s because he plans for you to be there for the considerable future.

He listens

You never find your boyfriend getting distracted, especially when you’re talking about something important. He cares what you’re talking about because he loves you and wants to know everything going on in your head.

He never looks elsewhere

If you’re looking for signs he’s falling in love with you, ask yourself if you see him checking out other women. If not, it means his attention is solely on you. What really matters is that he doesn’t act on any desires, so don’t be afraid if he still checks out girls. We all do it, even in the most committed relationships.

He takes an interest in your interests

He may not love drawing, but if you do, he’ll make it his goal to learn a bit about what you do so that he can support you. He may not love your hobby, but since he loves you, he’ll make it a part of his life.

He tried to impress you

Your boyfriend still flirts with you, tries to show off and makes a fool of himself in an attempt to gain your attention. He’s goofy around you and always looks to you for validation because he cares what you think.

He displays all obvious signs he’s falling in love with you

Blushing cheeks. Fast heartbeat. Stuttering over his sentences. If he shows the physical signs of love, chances are he’s feeling them from the heart as well.

11 Signs He’s Falling In Love With You