If You Can’t Talk To Your Partner About These Things, It’s Not A Healthy Relationship

Semsa B.
Written by Semsa B.

Even birdies know by now that communication is the key in every relationship. You can’t prevent bad days and fights. That is how relationships are. That is how life is. And it really doesn’t matter, as long as you can talk it out openly, without holding anything in.

But if you can’t talk to each other, especially about these specific things, it’s not a healthy relationship.

Expectations in bed.

Sex is all about enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy it that much, but you feel you can’t tell your partner that without hurting his feelings, then how stable is your relationship really?

You know what you like and you shouldn’t be scared of the aftermath if you ask for it. If he doesn’t deliver, then it should be something you can discuss and work on without him getting butthurt. Otherwise, you are doomed to dissatisfaction.

How his family and friends make you feel.

We all want the important people from different parts of our life to get along. But his friends he cares about so much do not sit that well with you. This doesn’t give you permission to be rude or offend them, though.

But you do have a right to tell him that he is in the wrong if he expects you to be friends because you don’t feel their company or character that much. Let’s face it, there’s probably one or two of your girlfriends he can’t stomach either.

Your ambitions.

You have set certain goals in your life even before your partner was present. Your career is extremely important to you and you know where you want to be.

When there are issues arising and you feel like you’re not cut out for that, you lose the confidence you had about doing the job. That is the moment your partner should step up and show your support and encouragement to keep pushing. But if you can’t talk about it with him for any number of reasons, especially if he is threatened by your success, that’s not a very good relationship there.

Things that annoy you.

Leaving his smelly socks around the room instead of hamper, throwing a wet towel on the floor, not cleaning up the stubble after shaving above the sink. Those are the little things that infuriate you on a daily basis.

It’s not something to break up over, but you can’t help but wonder didn’t anyone teach him to be neat for a change? But, hopefully, you can talk about it with your partner without being accused of acting like his mother. (Maybe if you listened to your mother in the first place, I wouldn’t have to be repeating myself over and over again.)

The future of your relationship.

If you don’t want or expect the same out of the relationship, why would you stay? It can’t possibly work out between you two if only one of you is pushing for it. That is why it is important to be able to discuss it, even if it hits a slightly uncomfortable subject.

Financial stability.

You don’t talk about money early on in any relationship. But after you’ve been together for a while, especially if you decide to move in, it’s bound to come up. You have to know what you will be dealing with. What if you’re a money saver, but he throws it around like it grows on trees?

Financial stability is important, even more so when there’s two of you. There will be rent and bills to be paid, so you better be able to talk about it without any bad feelings involved.

Emotional baggage from the past.

It doesn’t even have to be a painful breakup. Maybe it is family related. But whatever it is, it made you who you are. And it is important, to be honest about it.

If you feel you can’t open up to your partner about such a thing, that relationship just might be doomed because he’s not really the one for you.

Having a bad day.

Just being able to vent to your partner about the awful day you’ve had is very important. Not just for your mental health, but when you come home angry, you don’t want him to think it is something he did.

Finding a solution to an argument.

It’s been said already, you can’t prevent fights from ever happening. And it is all good as long as you can talk about it.

If you can’t discuss the reason you were angry in the first place, that won’t result in anything good. Especially if he is the reason you can’t talk it out. If he ignores your anger, it will just keep piling up, until you go off. Once that happens, your relationship might be way past the point of return.

If You Can’t Talk To Your Partner About These Things, It’s Not A Healthy Relationship