We all live fast lives, full of stress and conflicts. You are either worried because of school or work or you are stressed by negative people in your life. Everyone around you probably expects your best performance and full attention. Therefore, you never have any time for yourself, so it becomes easy for you to lose your temper and even worse, to lose your inner peace. You can cut off negative people from your life, but you can’t put yourself in a bubble and live protected from everything potentially negative, stressful, and toxic. But, while you can’t impact many things that are happening around you or to you, nor can you have an effect on everyone that you come in contact with, your power lies in the fact that you can choose how to react when a stressful situation takes place. Remember that keeping a cool and calm head is always important, for yourself and for others. Tension and stress do not affect only your mental and emotional health, they also can have a great influence on your physical health. So, it’s quite important to reduce stress as much possible and to control your reactions to stressful people and events. Therefore, here are three ways to keep your inner peace.

Get rid of resentment.

One of the first things to do if you want to restore your inner peace is to get rid of everything negative from the past. You need to put aside any resentment you may be feeling and stop looking back. What you need to understand is that you can’t change anything that has happened, and therefore, there is no need to constantly go back thinking what could have been. The same is with people—you can’t change the way someone has treated you. So, if you hold any grudges from the past, it’s time to let them go. There are some people who didn’t deserve our forgiveness, but we should forgive them for our own benefit. Remember that forgiveness is the only thing that can set you free. As long as you hold on to any kind of resentment, you are a prisoner of that feeling and you can never move on. So, for your own sake, learn to accept the apology you’ve never received and move forward.

When someone hurts you, let them know.

Another thing that can help you have peace with yourself and have a better relationship with people around you is being sincere about your emotions. It’s okay to tell someone that they have hurt you. Don’t think you are weak for admitting that. In fact, this shows your strength—it shows that you have the ability of self-reflection, because you know how to recognize your emotions, and it shows that you are brave and mature enough to verbalize your feelings. If you pretend that nothing has happened, you are just holding your emotions inside, and with time, you pile up negativity and become negative and toxic, without even being aware of it. Sometimes, people don’t know how to recognize they have been hurt and mistake it with the feeling of anger. This leads to numerous other conflicts, which could have been avoided. So, if you want to resolve your conflicts in a healthy way, always tell the other person what is the problem and ask them not to repeat it. Even if you don’t get a positive reaction, you’ll know you did everything in your power to fix things, although you are the one who was hurt. If you choose to be passive aggressive about something that is bothering you, you are only hurting yourself.

Learn to recognize your triggers.

We all have some things that annoy us more than others. But in order to always keep a cool, calm head, you should do your best to avoid those triggers, if you have another option. If you don’t feel comfortable in crowded places, avoid them. If the traffic jams annoy you, take another route. Also, many people work at jobs they find extremely stressful, but don’t do anything to change that. It’s always better to work for less money, but in a healthier environment. The same is with people. If you came to the conclusion that there are some people that simply cause you stress and trigger you, distance yourself from those people, no matter how close they are to you. Remember, there is nothing more precious than having your peace and knowing how to control yourself.