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You Are Giving Him Your Whole Heart So Don’t Fit On Half Of His

your whole heart

If he is calling you a friend but you have far more than friendship, you should not let him treat you like that. Having sex means something more. It is a way to be intimate with a partner, so it is hard act like you are friends. Yes, it is hard for you, but it is very easy for him to call you a friend after a night full of intimacy.

You know that he spends his many nights with different women in clubs, dancing with them. He feels free to flirt with other people, while you refuse to even go out sometimes, because you think that you two have something more than a friendship. He keeps you close enough to make you never leave, yet not strong enough to make you sure in his feelings.

This man has the power to manipulate you, and you are the one who is constantly letting him. When he disappears for weeks, he doesn’t tell you where or who with. You, on the other side, don’t ask him, so you are just making it easier for him to do whatever he wants. You don’t feel like you have permission to interfere in his life because you are not a couple. However, you demand some kind of excuse, which could show that he has some responsibilities for you. He is convinced that you will never be with anyone else, so he always comes back to you.

While you were the one who is making an effort for your connection, the one who feels the need to be available anytime he calls you or texts you, he, on the other hand, decides whether he wants to make a contact with you or not. In some strange way, there are days when he behaves like you are in a serious and healthy relationship, but there are also times when he acts completely uninterested. The thing is that he doesn’t want to define your relationship, so he postpones talking about it.

You never imagined that a relationship could be this complicated. However, you never thought that you would end with unreturned love. You are the only one who cares about love and emotions, so that is what makes you trapped in this kind of one-sided relationship. So, wake up and be rational about this. You are smart to realize that you deserve way more than this. You are giving him your whole heart, so don’t fit on half of his.

You are obviously afraid of being alone, so you are abusing yourself into thinking that his behavior is normal and that everything is completely fine with you two. He behaves like a free bird, he does everything that comes to his mind and he gets through the whole thing with no regrets or consequences.

He is deceiving you so you have a fear to confess and talk to him about problems that you obviously have. Whatever you try to tell him, it turns out that you are overreacting. He always puts blame on you, so you ended up like an overly attached girl who makes drama with no reason.

You don’t know it now, but considering his behavior, he is not ready for a serious relationship right away. My advice to you is to separate at least for a while and see whether you are meant to be. If he cares, he would change.

Somewhere out there are many boys like this one, so don’t stay with him just because he is nice and kind to you only for a day. You deserve someone to treat you that way for a much longer period. Don’t fool yourself that he is the best guy existing and that you will never find someone like him.

As any other emotional girl, you hope that sooner or later he will put a label on your relationship, that he will be available every single day for you, and that he will finally treat you like his girlfriend. You fear and you don’t want to leave him because that would mean that you have to be alone with a new start for you. But, trust me, it is better to be alone sometimes, than to waste your time on the wrong guy who has no interest in you.

Life is short, so don’t wait for him to change because he hardly ever will. Live a life, go outside, do what makes you happy, enjoy simple things, and be positive. Someone who knows how to appreciate your qualities and your feelings will eventually come.

You Are Giving Him Your Whole Heart So Don’t Fit On Half Of His