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4 Things That Turn Most Men Off

turn most men off
Written by Selma

Although every man is an individual for himself, they all share some standards and preferences when it comes to girls. No matter what type of a man you are dealing with, or are about to deal with, there are some things and behaviors all of them find disgusting and that turn most men off. It doesn’t mean that your only goal in life should be to please men, but if you are looking to win over a guy’s affection, here are some things that you should avoid doing.

Too much makeup

Makeup trends change in every time period. Sadly, today, most girls have forgotten that sometimes less means more. It is like we have forgotten that there should exist a difference between the makeup we put on for some special event and the makeup we use every day. Besides, it seems that almost every girl looks pretty much the same when they have makeup on and that nobody is trying to be different. Although we may think that men like us better when we put too much makeup on, it’s actually quite the opposite. If you ask most men around you, they will tell you they prefer natural girls and that they would like a girl who doesn’t wear any makeup at all. I am not saying you should quit putting your makeup on—men usually think you are not wearing any if you have just basic things on your face. What I am advising to you is just to lower it a little bit. Makeup should help you bring out your natural beauty and should help you cover some slight imperfections—it shouldn’t serve you as a mask. Besides being more likeable to men, you’ll feel better about yourself because you’ll know a guy got attracted to you because of your real appearance. If you wear less makeup, you are just showing that you have a high self-esteem and are not eager to fit into the masses and you show you are not trying to impress anyone. You’ll also save a lot of time, energy, and money, because quality makeup is very expensive and it takes a lot of time and skill to be properly put on. When you present yourself with the best makeup right away, you’ll feel the pressure to look that good every time this guy sees you, and that will put a lot of pressure on you. Besides, sometimes you’ be too tired or sick—therefore, it is also impossible. Sooner or later, there will come a time when he’ll see you without any makeup on, so do you really want him to see a different person standing in front of him? Allow guys to see the real you right away.

Too much alcohol

Although guys tend to approach drunken girls more than they do sober ones, it is because they think it’s easier for them to get lucky with those girls. Trust me, most men don’t plan on anything serious when they get into a conversation with a girl who can’t control herself while drunk. When you are out on a night of heavy drinking, you are not able to take good care about yourself and no guy has a wish to be your nanny. It’s always okay to take a few shots or have a few glasses of wine to relax, but it’s important to know your boundaries, i.e., to know how much alcohol you can handle. If you know you don’t handle alcohol very well and if you don’t know when it’s time to stop, maybe you shouldn’t drink at all, unless you are in a private place, surrounded by the people you trust. If a guy meets you while you are drunk, it is probable that he will see you just as a free ticket to sex and nothing more. And if you are already dating a guy but are constantly drunk and unable to control yourself, sooner or later, he’ll start thinking of you as not mature enough and will walk away. Besides, don’t you prefer standing with both feet on the ground when you are getting to know a new guy? You want to impress him with your true personality and shouldn’t allow alcohol to talk instead of you. You have a lot to offer, but while you are drunk, guys can’t see the real you—all they see is that you are drunk and this is a way of missing out on numerous good guys.

Materialistic behavior

Every man will offer to pay when you two are on your first date. But it doesn’t mean he is required to do so for the rest of your dating life. Women like to be seen as equal partners in relationships, so it’s our job to take the check from time to time. If you never even offer to pay for anything and expect a guy to take you out on fancy dinners and to buy you expensive gifts, he will perceive you as a gold digger and that will be a huge turn-off for him, no matter how much money he has. This can be a turn-on only for insecure men who see money as their only quality and enjoy showing it off. Every mature man appreciates when he has a girl with whom he can share expenses. This is not only the question of money anymore—it’s also about respect and appreciation. By allowing him to pay for everything, you are only showing him that you don’t appreciate his money nor the effort and the time he invests to earn that money. At the same time, you are showing him that you appreciate yourself and your earnings and that is an indicator of your selfishness. When it comes to the gifts he’s buying you, appreciate his effort and attention. If you show him that you can only be impressed by luxury and material goods, he will perceive you as shallow and will definitely rethink your relationship.

Too much profanities

Most men like to have a lady, in the full sense of that word, by their sides. And you are not a lady if you swear unnecessarily and use every opportunity to use vulgar language. I think there doesn’t exist a person who hasn’t use profanities in some occasions. But if you want to be looked at as a lady, you should try to reduce the usage of it to the bare minimum. You may be one of those women who always speaks her mind and that is something you should stick to—but there are other ways of expressing your opinion. When you get mad and start insulting someone or cursing at them, you are only showing them that you have lost your control and that they have managed to provoke you. You may think you’ll earn your man’s respect and that you’ll show him his place if you use profanities. But you’ll only achieve the contrary. He will stop considering you a gentle human being with whom he has to be careful and will start treating you and talking to you as you are one of the guys and that is the last thing you want. Swear words won’t impress any guy—intelligence and rich vocabulary will. So, instead of using profanities, always try your best to remain a graceful lady, and everyone, including your man, will never cross a line with you.


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