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You Will Never Be Enough For The Wrong Guy

never be enough for the wrong guy

If you accidentally fall in love with the wrong person, there a is low chance that you would get love from him.

The kindness that you have isn’t noticeable for him, or if it is, he doesn’t treat you the way you deserve. Even though he is nice to you, you can feel that he is not committed to you as you are. You can’t own him or be sure in his feelings for you.

If you think about your behavior when you are together, you can realize that you are the one who is more passionate, whose kisses and hugs are longer and better. I know that it is not easy to prove love. With each day you are trying to be a better person, to do things which can show your partner that you love him, to explain your love, but somehow he doesn’t believe you. Somehow it turns out that no matter how hard you are trying, they still stay reserved in some way.

Considering the fact that this situation of unrequited love is lasting for some time, you try to justify your partner. You love him that much that you will make the excuses for him. Also, you will convince yourself that he has so much stuff to do, so he doesn’t have enough time to devote to you. You are glad for being a part of his life, and you find that as a justification. But the real truth is that you are deceiving yourself.

After you told yourself that is just a period where he doesn’t have enough time, you start feeling like you are guilty for everything. Then you give your best and you are giving yourself constantly just to prove your partner your unconditional love. You think that it is never enough. Through time you will get to the point of your, by now already, unhealthy and toxic relationship, to say sorry, no matter who made a mistake. He will get out of the situation like a winner, even though deep down inside of you there is knowledge that you are right. He is fooling you and he doesn’t regret that. You allowed him to.

You focused yourself only on his wishes and demands. When you realized that your communication is not good, you stopped complaining about anything that is bothering you, just to keep peace in your relationship and to communicate normally. Somehow it happened that the more effort you make for him, the more he wants. But he doesn’t give you anything in return. He stays calm and quiet because he wants to show you that you are not enough for him and you will probably never be.

You may be pissed off, but I advise you to stay calm and kind just as you have always been. Perhaps there is no one guilty here. Perhaps your man loves you, but not the way you love him. It may be love, but certainly it is not enough. If he loves you, you won’t have to review it, you simply know it.

He doesn’t tend to hurt you, as I mentioned, perhaps he has his own way of showing you his love. Still your heart is broken, you are not happy, and your relationship is definitely not working well. There has to be balance, there has to be equal love, respect, and kindness between partners. You need to be each other’s priority.

You don’t want to get out of a relationship, but you know that it is not healthy. Let me tell you that it is much better to be single and find your own happiness and satisfaction. Try to realize that there is nothing more that you could do for your partner. Life is short, so make sure that you are not wasting your time in a bad relationship. If it were up to you, you two would be the happiest couple in the world. You would last forever. But you know it isn’t your fault. You did everything you could.

There are sacrifices in every relationship, and as I said, there has to be the love, respect, commitment, and understanding. Relationships last because there are partners with equal rights and who are really in love with each other. They truly support one another, and they tend to have the least possible fights or arguing. They should listen to each other’s demands and wishes.

So, give yourself a break and think about this. Somewhere out there is a guy who is not perfect, but someone who is very much like you. That’s someone who is able to return you love that you are giving to him. You will never be enough for the wrong guy. The person who will choose to stay is going to show up.

You Will Never Be Enough For The Wrong Guy