You can do all the right things and have the right intention at heart, but when it comes to it, things still go south regardless. The truth about mistakes is that you cannot stop them from happening. But, what you can do is do something when they happen. You can resist them and get angry about it. Or, you can accept them and let it go. You can learn from your mistakes, and you can learn from the mistakes of others.

No one ever tells you that making mistakes is a wonderful thing. You need to make mistakes to grow, to understand what life is all about, to get to know yourself better. You have to make mistakes to find out for yourself what is that you want and what you think you want. You have to make mistakes so you can challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and see the truth for yourself.

You have to make mistakes because making mistakes means that you are trying. Making mistakes means that you’re putting yourself out there. Making mistakes means that you are learning. And when you learn, you grow.

No one ever tells you that making mistakes is a choice. Whether it’s a choice we are aware of making or not, mistakes are things we choose and don’t choose at the same time. For instance, you could choose to spend a lifetime with someone who isn’t good for you just like you could choose not spending a lifetime with your forever person. The thing about mistakes is that they depend on you, on the things you decide, the things you do, the things you ignore, the things you care too much about and so on. Never forget that at the end of the day, fixing a mistake is also a choice you can take any time, anywhere. You just need to be committed to the choice you make.

No one ever tells you that making mistakes is a good thing. See, the thing about mistakes is that they shape you. So, maybe they aren’t mistakes after all. Mistakes make you into the person you never imagined you could be. They allow you to experience pain and joy at the same time because it’s true that some mistakes cost you people and things that mean the world to you, but they push you to find what you really deserve. Mistakes give you opportunities to break and heal, smile and learn, reflect and

Farah Ayaad
Farah wants to make the world a beautiful place by inspiring people through her writing. She writes about love, heartbreak, women's empowerment, sex, astrology, self-identity and self-growth. She hopes in her writing, you will find what you’re searching for.