If You Had More Faith In Yourself, Your Life Would Be Much Different

life would be much different
Written by Naida

We often stuck in a bad mood and sometimes it may last way more than we want. It is hard to get out from the darkness which becomes the main part of your mind. But let me tell you that if you just for a moment stop being negative and try to think above the darkness, you would be different. Your life would be different too. You feel like there is the devil inside of your brain and it makes you think the darkest possible way. That is wrong and you are wasting your time. You are not a failure and you have never been and you will never be. Make your life different and start believing that what I just said to you is nothing but true.

Everyone should follow their dreams; it is normal if you have imaginations and wishes which you tend to accomplish through life. But for some reason you stopped following your dreams and started to suppress them. Now you feel like your dreams are something that has no point, and even though you know that is not true, you are not a dreamer anymore. Once you listened to your heart, but now you are someone who is ignoring every sign of emotion and it makes you feel bad.

You would have a much better life if you don’t give up before you even start something. You used to be a fighter, but somehow you find yourself lost and uninterested in trying.

I agree that sometimes it’s easier if you are going with a line of less resistance. On the other side it is not good at all if that is the only way that you choose for yourself. You used to pass by every tough situation with ease, and all that you do now is avoid them. You have your job, your friends, your family, and your partner, and you neglect all of them. It is not fair and they are not used to that. You were not always like that. So, make an effort and change your life for the better.

People think that you are awesome, yet somehow you lost self-confidence. You are not satisfied with your look and that makes you even more nervous. No one can spot your little imperfections, even though you think they are obvious. Think about this and don’t make your life miserable—try to remember some good things about yourself. Soon enough you will notice that there are more good things about you than the bad ones.

Stop acting like you are vulnerable and avoid playing games. You used to like games before, because you were very good at them. Take some risks once again and make your life different. It is always more interesting if there is some risk. Don’t fear failing, there is nothing bad with that. People fail all the time, but that is not making them give up.

You are not a bad person and you know how to treat other people. That’s the reason they like you very much. If you could only treat yourself with kindness, you would have a better life. You should be the most important to yourself, so stop acting like you are your own foe. It is fine to be selfish; people would only love you more if you know how to love yourself.

You are insecure now, but you have to find a way to put that in the past. Don’t fear and don’t run away from risk because life allows you everything. If you could try to believe yourself once again, you would be a completely different person with a brand new life. Avoid toxicity because you are the last person who deserves that.

Be beautiful, be strong, be independent, and be powerful. If you had more faith in yourself, your life would be much different. It is all about your attitude, and I guarantee you if you change it, you will be new person. Find what is best for you. Don’t settle for someone who is not worth having you.


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