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I Want To Be With The Safe Option Kind Of Guy

Written by Deborah Carbone

I want to be with the nice guy. The guy who will not break my heart because he will like me first, he will call first, and he will say “I love you” first. The guy who invests too much. The guy who talks about his feelings, commitment and a future with me in it. The guy who doesn’t have mami issues, some crazy ex-girlfriend drama, or just a really bad series of failed relationships. The guy who says sorry even when it’s not his fault. The guy who chooses me first.


    I want to be with the guy I usually friend zone. The guy who will like me for me not for my body. The guy who will not take advantage of my giving nature because he will give back in return. The guy who my friends will get along with, not the one who my friends cannot stand. The guy who my parents respect, not the guy who they think I can do better than. The guy who I trust and count on. The guy who knows me more than most people do. The guy who sees my flaws and imperfections so beautiful. The guy who tells me I’m one of a kind just the way I am. But, still calls me out when I need to be called on. The guy who tells me the hard things to hear just like he tells me the soft ones that make my heart melt.

    I want to be with the guy who isn’t my type. The guy who is good enough for me. The guy who is in a good place in his life. The guy who knows who he is and what he wants. The guy who has finally found himself. The guy who makes me feel safe instead of anxious, confident instead of unsure, comfortable instead of excited. The guy who doesn’t keep me on the edge.

    I want to be with the safe option kind of guy because it’s easier that way. I don’t have to go on battles alone, I can live a mellow kind of life. I don’t have to live the highs and the lows, I can just live in the medium place. I don’t have to go crazy, I can just be okay. I don’t have to be around drama, I can actually be in peace. I don’t have to be an over-thinker, I can just have a blank mind for a change. I don’t have to be on fire because of or for someone, I can just have a heart that’s beating just fine.

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    Deborah Carbone

    I'm a Life and Relationship Coach with 5 years experience of coaching and training. I work with overwhelmed women guiding them through all kinds of life and career transitions so that they can make big changes in their lives.
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