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He Doesn’t Deserve Another Chance

deserve another chance
Written by Naida

We are all humans and we all make mistakes. Forgiveness is very important, but when do you know that enough is enough? Going back to someone who constantly hurts you shouldn’t be an option.

Nobody can judge a relationship from the outside, but there are some things you just can’t ignore. Sometimes it is better to move on because not everybody deserves a second chance.

Like I said, we all make mistakes, but there is a difference between making a mistake and learning from it and making the same mistakes over and over again.

I know that it is difficult to let go of someone you love, but it is even more difficult to recover from all the mistreatment you can get from your love.

You can’t change someone if they don’t want to change. Don’t focus on his promises, instead focus on his acts. If he didn’t do anything to prove that he is willing to change, it probably means he is never going to change.

I’m sure you already gave him plenty of chances. And what happened? Nothing, right? What makes you think he is going to change now? Because from what I know, he is not going to keep his promises.

The worst thing in all of that is the fact that you are the one who is letting him come back. If he truly deserves a second chance, it is alright to give him that. But you should be aware that there is only a tiny chance he is going to learn from his mistakes.

You are probably wasting your time trying to fix something that is broken into thousands of pieces. Instead of focusing your energy into something that is worthy, you’re just going backwards in your life.

I could spend an entire day telling you what you deserve, but it would be useless. Deep down you already know you deserve better than someone who is constantly hurting you.

If you broke up once, you will probably broke up twice. There was a reason it didn’t work out in the first place. So please, if you are considering giving him a second chance, at least be sure he deserves it.

He has to earn that second chance. Because he can’t just walk back into your life and ask for a second chance just because he thinks he deserves it. It’s not how it works. At least you owe it to yourself. You are not a thing he can take back whenever he wants.

He has to put effort in to win you back. If you let him back into your life just like that, you will not only look like an idiot, you will end up hurt again.

You have to have self-respect. Don’t let him fool you again. I know it can be hard and that you are curious. Curious to see if he has changed. But in order to find out, he is the one who needs to prove it to you.

You should be a priority, not something he uses as a rebound. Make sure he is not using you just because he is bored. Analyze the situation because nobody else can. You are the only one who know what’s best for you.

But I have to warn you, there isn’t plenty of guys out there who deserve another chance. It is very rare that they change. I can also spend the day explaining to you the reasons why he doesn’t deserve a chance. The fact is that he probably doesn’t deserve you at all.

You are the only one who knows what happened between the two of you. The only thing that truly matters is your happiness. So here is the big question: Are you happier without him?

Well, if you are, you probably already know that he doesn’t deserve this second chance. He is not worth fighting for. But if you are less happy when you are not with him and if you are considering giving him a second chance, at least don’t give it to him just like that.

Let him convince you, and by convincing, I don’t mean his promises. Anyone can make promises and not keep them. Actions are what matter.

Always remember that moving on isn’t a bad thing. The worst thing that can happen to you is going backwards in your life. Be careful with your decisions because we only live once and we can’t go back in time.


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