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A Strong Girl Will Let Her Guard Down for Real Love

Written by Karen Clark

When they hear a girl has been characterized as strong, men have the urge to run away. Most of them tend to be intimidated by strong, independent women. This is the case only with men who have a fragile ego and are afraid they won’t be able to handle this kind of woman.

But there are several things each man should know before he gets involved with a strong girl.

Every strong girl has been hurt in the past more times than she can count. She wasn’t always like this—she used to be like everyone else. She used to believe in people and in love. She was the kind of girl who gave her heart completely when she cared about someone. She simply knew how to love and how to be loved. She was open-hearted and open-minded. She had a lot of trust for men, and sadly, that cost her a lot. She believed everyone was a nice person with good intentions, similar to her. Even when she met someone who treated her poorly, she tried to find good in that person. She tried to help everyone—actually, she gave her best to save them and fix them. But, with time, she realized people are not the same as she is. It took her long, but she finally managed to realize that only a few people, if anyone, matched her effort. She realized that most of the people, especially men, were actually just using her. They were seeing her as a free ticket to sex, as an opportunity to boost their ego, or just kept her around while they needed her. She was empathic and sensitive towards them. She was always there for people, helping them struggle through different life situations and issues. And when she needed someone just to talk to her or just to give her support, there was no one.

So, she changed. It’s not that she wanted to do it—she simply had no other choice. It was the only way for her to save herself. She became closed. She decided it’s time to stop giving and receiving love. Because she thought that is the only way to be protected from all the pain. She knew she just couldn’t handle another disappointment and another heartbreak, so she didn’t have any other choice than to shut herself down. She started building walls around her and created a defense mechanism to keep everyone out. Yes, she managed to cut toxic people out of her life, but she also became closed to everyone around her. She stopped trusting people because she assumed everyone just wants to take advantage of her in some way. She assumed everyone just has the intention of hurting her. And it’s natural for her to feel that way. She was hurt so many times that she simply can’t trust anyone new, especially if it’s a man.

But you shouldn’t think that she will remain like this for the rest of her life.

If you are the right guy who is ready to offer her unconditional love, support, and respect, trust me she will put her guard down.

This seems impossible when you first look at her. You may think that she’ll always remain this stubborn, hard to reach girl. But all you need to do is to be patient and you’ll see the change happening inside of her.

You may ask yourself what it takes to be the right guy for this kind of girl.

The first thing you need to do is to show her that you’ll always be there for her. She doesn’t need a guy who will run away the second things get rough. She needs someone who will stick by her side through thick and thin. She needs to know she can rely on you, no matter what.

At first, she won’t believe you. Even if you are this guy, you’ll need a lot of time before she even thinks of giving you her trust. She has been through this before. People were convincing her that they had her back and that they supported her, but they backed out as soon as she needed them. So, she learned only to rely on herself. And you’ll have to be patient enough to change that.

Don’t try to control this girl. She has worked hard to become an independent and self-sufficient individual, and you should never try patronizing her. She has her own way of life and it’s not a good idea trying to change that.

This doesn’t mean you are dealing with a self-centered person who is not ready to compromise. She is everything contrary to that. But for a long period of time, she likes to keep a small part of herself for herself only. That is part of her defense mechanism. No matter how much she loves you, she will always have other interests besides you and you shouldn’t feel threatened by those interests.

You need to respect the woman she has grown to be. Even if you two have different opinions about something, you should never try changing her views. She has strong deal-breakers and will never give up on them, no matter how important you are to her.

All you have to do is love her. Don’t try to fake it, because she’ll see right through it. Never try lying to her, because she’ll consider it an insult to her intelligence and will see it as a form of disrespect. The moment she sees you are trying to hurt her, she’ll walk away.

But, if you give her the love and support she is looking for, be sure that you’ll get even more back. It will take you a lot of energy, time, and patience, but if you really love her, you’ll manage to wake up the little, innocent girl trapped inside a strong woman. And that girl is full of love and is waiting to be loved.

If you give her true love, she will put her guard down sooner or later. Once she does, trust me—you’ll be the most loved man on planet. She’ll take care of you and your needs. You’ll always have her and her support. Her love will be unconditional and out of this world. She will be your best friend—she will truly listen to everything you have to say and you will always be a priority to her. Nothing and nobody will be more important than you for this woman. She will make you the best possible version of yourself, because she’ll always believe in you. Her love will be your main source of energy and of everything positive. And you’ll know it’s something you need to cherish.

Once a strong girl truly gets to love, you become everything to her. She will give herself completely to you and you will never be feel this type of love.

You may think that everything you’ve read is just too much for you to handle. You may think you need to invest a lot for this relationship to work. Yes, this girl is challenging and sometimes difficult. But, trust me, once you get to know the real her, you’ll see that everything is worth it.

A Strong Girl Will Let Her Guard Down for Real Love