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10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You

secretly in love with you

When it comes to expressing their feelings, boys can be very shy, so here are 10 signs that shows he is secretly in love with you:

He is very discreet.

He is usually a very open person, but when he is with you he tends to be very discreet. When you are together alone, he also takes the time to ask you questions about you and he actually listens very carefully to your answers.

He tickles you all the time.

It is well known that guys tickle the person they like and it is kind of cute. You might think that it is going to be different once you get older, but it isn’t. If a guy acts like he is twelve when he is around you, maybe you should start to ask yourself some questions.

He speaks about you to everyone.

When you’re in love with someone, all you want to do is speak about the person you like. So, if a guy secretly likes you, he is going to talk about you to his friends and he will sometimes be annoying.

He is tactful with you.

Physical contact, the unexpected touch, the touch on your hand on purpose, etc. If he is secretly in love with you, he is going to grab any opportunity to accidentally establish physical contact with you.

He dispraises every guy that speaks to you.

He just can’t help it. This is a big sign he has a thing for you. He may try to act naturally like nothing is going on, but if you spot him doing this…Well, it is time to question his intentions towards you.

He is always well dressed when you see each other.

If he used to wear jeans and old T-shirts but now he’s changing his dress code, maybe he is trying to impress you. You may have mentioned that you like well-dressed guys and he is doing his best to charm you.

He’s buying you gifts for no reason.

A guy that secretly likes you pays attention. So, when you mention a thing you wish you had, he will do anything to give you that. The thing is that he will give you those gifts like it is a normal thing or it is for fun. Well, it is not entirely true. If he buys you the things you like, he might be into you.

He mentions a lot the fact that he is single.

If you want to discover if he is secretly in love with you, try to talk to him about other girls. He might get uncomfortable because the girl he wants is actually you. Observe his reaction when you tell him that he and this other girl would look like a nice couple. He will probably be shy and try to tell you that his type of girl is you.

He jokes about the two of you being together.

Aaah, boys and their sense of humor. Well, it is very similar with the fact that he likes to tickle you. If he is subtly implying a possible relationship between the two of you, there is a chance he is into you. Also, he might indirectly confess to you his feelings.

He leaves the party at the same time you do.

Pay attention to this little detail because it might suggest that the only reason he is at this particular party is exactly you. He might be waiting for you to leave the party so that he can ask you if you need a ride home. There is nothing he wouldn’t do just to spend a little time alone with you.

If you like him too, that’s wonderful and you should make the move he is trying so hard to do. But if you don’t like him as much as he does, please don’t play with his emotions… He is secretly in love with you and he is terrified of telling you his feelings. So, be honest with him and be sure you make things clear so that he can move on. Imagine yourself in his place; wouldn’t you like someone to tell you how things stand? I’m sure you’d prefer that.

Good luck and enjoy the ride

10 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You