Relationship Advice for Women Who Hate to Love Men

Written by Hayley Anderton

Men and women are often completely different when it comes to relationships. For one thing, women tend to have a much larger emotional range, and men tend to be very laid back in their approach. So for a woman in a straight relationship, it can be very hard at times to know how to react to certain scenarios, or how to cope when a man does them wrong. It can lead us ladies to go crazy, and we stop enjoying relationships with men and try to swear off them forever.

That’s why we’ve written relationship advice for women who hate to love men. All the complexities of their mind are explained here, so that you can learn to love them again!

Don’t stay for someone who wouldn’t do anything for you

The main relationship advice for women who have sworn off men is to ensure they’re not putting all their effort into the wrong people. Often, a bad man hurts a good woman, and it damages their perception of all the decent guys in the world.

The trick to relationships is to question what the person would do for you. This isn’t a case of asking them if they’d take a bullet for you – it’s much simpler. Would they hold you when you cry, or are they often the reason for your tears? Ultimately, you have to root through the bad seeds to find a man that cares deeply about you.

Don’t stand for a cheat – not even once

If you’ve been with a cheater before, you’ll remember the pain when you found out. Did you forgive them? If you did, could you trust them? Absolutely not. You spend sleepless nights wondering what they’re doing when you’re not there. If your man cheats on you, let him go and find someone worth your time. If a man’s cheating, it’s inevitable it’ll end at some point. Make it sooner rather than later and save yourself some heartbreak.

Wear your heart on your sleeve for the right man

Relationship advice for women who are perpetually angry with men is a hard one. There’s a reason behind that anger, and you can understand why they have their guard up. But if you don’t let anyone, you can let opportunities to be with the right person just pass you by. If you meet a guy that has a good reputation, seems good at heart and treats you well, don’t push him away. Just because someone else has hurt you, it doesn’t mean he will. It may open up opportunities for him to hurt you at some point, but that’s part of love. Concentrate on the fact that he might also offer you something really special.

Don’t compromise in the bedroom

Leave selfish lovers in the past. You deserve someone who will worship your body and make you feel good. It’s easy to think that all men are the same, and they’ll only think of themselves in the bedroom, but when you find someone sexy and considerate, it will be well worth the wait. You’ll soon find someone who reminds you what sex is all about.

Relationship advice for women differs in every couple

No matter the scenario, each relationship is a little different with each individual couple. While these tips are universal for the most part, you need to figure out your own hacks and tricks to apply to your own relationship. If you still feel like you’re struggling, it could be time to see a therapist to get your relationship on track.

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