How To Be A Badass Girl

Written by Hayley Anderton

When we think of badass girls, we think of superheroes, assassins and book heroines, but the truth is, real-life badass women are normal people. They don’t have magical powers, and they don’t necessarily kick ass in battle scenarios. These girls simply stay true to themselves, hold their ground and support others. A badass girl may look like a normal person, but on the inside, they’re glowing.  If you want to know how to be a badass girl, follow these simple rules.

Own the room

When you walk into somewhere new, hold your head high, smile and take it on with no fear. That’s what badass girls do. Even if the place is intimidating, badass girls just make it their own with no hesitation. Fear can be overcome if you stare it right in the face and destroy it. But it doesn’t just apply to a room. Own your life. Take everything in your stride, gain strength from your hardships, and be reinvigorated by your good times. Your life belongs to you, and the power is in your hands to make it whatever you choose it to be.

Don’t apologise when you shouldn’t

So many women find themselves saying sorry to those who intimidate them. If you want to know how to be a badass girl, kick this habit out of your life. Think before you speak, and if you don’t have to apologise, don’t. Save sorry for when you actually do something wrong, or the word means nothing. Plus, the moment you stop apologising to people who don’t deserve it, you snatch the power they took from you back.

Stand up for something

If you disagree with something, it’s time you stood up for what you believe in to become a badass gal. If you hear someone being racist, homophobic or discriminating in general, take a stand. It might be scary, but a badass girl knows that standing up for someone else gives them power. You recognise that a little fear on your part is worth it to stick up for someone unable to do it for themselves.

Be honest

Lies get us nowhere. Dishonesty destroys everything good. In order to know how to become a badass girl, you must be true to yourself. Even though being honest is sometimes the hardest choice, people will respect you for always telling the truth and sticking to it. This doesn’t have to mean being brutal. If you know the truth will hurt someone, then you need to be sensitive and kind. It’s all part of becoming a badass woman and being a better person.

Do things that scare you

A badass girl will stare fear in the face and smile. A badass woman knows that it’s worth doing things that are scary, because the result always feels good. Once you’ve done something once, you can do it a million times if you have to. That fear may always remain dormant in you, but the trick is not to give it any power over you. Take life by the reins and smash through it, giving yourself the best experiences you possibly can. A little risk can reignite you, and help you out rather than dragging you back or making you stand still.

Teach others how to be a badass girl

Spreading the word is the best way to build an army of strong women. Together, with your badass girlfriends by your side, you can all take on the world. Once you’ve learned these tricks, they stick with you – you’ll notice the positive changes in yourself, and you’ll live your best life.

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Hayley Anderton