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10 Things You Need To Remember After A Breakup

Written by Chloe M.

All of us have probably been through at least one breakup before. I don’t think it is necessary to tell you anything about it, because we all already know how hard it can be to be stuck at that point in your life.

So instead of telling you tales of a broken heart, it is better to present you with a list of things that should help you in getting over it, courtesy of everyone whose heart has been broken before. Here are 10 things you need to remember after a breakup:

Never, ever go through it on your own. Why would you, when you don’t have to? I know it’s very tempting to lock yourself in your apartment and become a recluse, but what good would that be? Even if you don’t have friends you are willing to open up to, and you think your family can’t understand you, there are always professionals whose duty is to help you sort it all out.

As it was already mentioned, I know it’s tempting to lock yourself in and be a recluse, but that is not the real you. It is your depression acting out, making you do foolish things. And you just know you’re not functioning properly enough to have any reasonable thoughts. To prevent yourself from falling victim to your current foolishness, hold on to whatever routine you had before it all happened. If you didn’t have any, it is time for you to start one. It will help you shake off the mess in your head.

Don’t bottle up your feelings. The longer you hold on to them, the longer your pain lingers. You can’t get over it if you’re still hung up on it. So let it out any way you can think of. Cry or scream if you must. Write it down, talk it out. Talk about it until there is nothing more to say, think or question. Just let it out.

You will feel helpless for a while. Good way to counter it is to acquire strength from a new source. If that source happens to be the anger you feel at the moment, then be it. Find a way to utilize it in such manner that will not be harmful to you or people around you. Just don’t make that anger a permanent thing.

If the person you were with wasn’t nice before and isn’t nice right now, (maybe they’re reaching out to you) use it as a reminder to yourself on why you should move on. You deserve better than an unkind human being that your ex is.

I know it feels awful to be rejected. But don’t forget there was a reason it happened. In a way, they did you a favor. You must know how your relationship wasn’t going in the right direction, and as the time passes, you will see more and more reasons why it wouldn’t have worked.

Sometimes, for some people, going back to meeting potential partners works like a charm. Maybe you’re not one of those people. Either way, it’s okay. You just need to be careful to give yourself just the right amount of downtime. Because it can be bad to rush into a new relationship, but it can be even worse to wait for too long.

Yes, getting over heartbreak takes time. For some a little longer than others. But how much time is too much? It depends on the relationship and how serious it was. Bottom line is, if you notice it’s taking too many months or even years to get back on track, you might want to consider professional help. Because you can’t let yourself stop living life because of it.

Don’t lose hope. I know that right now you hate everything love related and you have probably sworn at one point to never love again. But it will come to you at least once more. Maybe when you stop expecting it. Whenever that happens, just don’t forget you deserve a loving partner.

Pain sometimes means clarity. Your heart is in pieces right now, but your mind might be clearer than ever. It will help you see the things you never saw before. Maybe because you were blinded by the love you felt. Either way, if you end up coming across realizations and answers you were searching for, it can’t be all that bad.

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