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If A Man Loves You, You Won’t Ever Have To Wonder How He Feels About You

how he feels about you
Written by Karen Clark

They say that love is what binds us, makes us human. It’s the only thing that is truly good in this world. They make movie after movie to make us feel good, and we believe in this ultimate feeling in where it exists.

Yet, the love you’ve found has never quite hit the mark of your expectations. You won’t let go because even though it’s not quite enough, it’s still the best you’ve had. You’re too scared to let it go because of the “what if.” What if this is the best it gets?

That fear will always hold you back from what you deserve.

Someone once told me, when you find it you’ll know. It won’t be hidden in the sheets of a bed, or in slamming doors, and white lies.

He always told me you’ll find it in the silence. Those tiny insignificant moments. When it’s a cold winter morning and they cuddle up to you, asking for nothing but your comfort. It’s the moments they want to cook dinner with you and help out with the dishes. It’s when he fills your gas tank all the way up and he didn’t have to.

He always told me that if a man loves you—truly, deeply, and completely loves you—you will never doubt how he feels about you.

We live in world where “playing it cool” and pretending things don’t bother you is normal. You want to be that girl who doesn’t put a leash on your man. While I completely believe in never controlling your man, there is a certain level of respect and by that it’s trust.

I’m here to tell you that comprising you’re feelings to enable him to treat you badly isn’t worth it and its sure as hell not love.

Unanswered text messages, hiding snapchats, complaining of you hanging out with your friends and family, and you have to make excuse after excuse them.

See, a man will never put a woman he loves last.

When you know a man truly loves you, he will kiss you goodbye without fail. He will be there through the struggle and the nights when you feel like you cannot breathe. His kisses will linger for a little longer. He will do things for you not out of obligation but because he thinks the world of you. Ultimately, there will be this beautiful feeling of assurance that he will never fail you.

Anything less is nothing you want to keep.
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If A Man Loves You, You Wont Ever Have To Wonder How He Feels About You