When we decide to get into a relationship, no one tells us that it might be difficult. Relationships demand many things such as love, respect, honesty, trust, and normal communication between partners. If you fall in love fast, you don’t think about the future that much. It just flows on its own. You had luck and you met someone who is nice at first. He was polite and funny during your first conversation. Even though you want to open up to him, you feel like you need to be careful because you had very bad experiences in the past. Every time you opened up to a guy who seems to be nice, you regret it soon because he turned out to be a real jerk. So there is always caution and I think there is nothing bad in that. That way you only protect yourself.

Even though you should be careful, don’t be too restrained. It is not so hard to spot a guy who has serious intentions with you. As I mentioned, you have right to fear, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that every guy is an asshole. Try to relax a little bit and give him a chance.

Let me tell you that there are very valuable men out there. There are men who are going to do everything to make you like them. And they are worth it. You may experience a true love of your life that you probably have the chance to experience only once in life. So let that guy prove himself to you.

If he truly loves you and wants to be with you, you will be surprised by how many things is he ready to fight against for you. He is a person who is so deep in love that no one can ever steal him from you. If anyone tries, he won’t let that happen.

Every time he sees you, he is speechless, so try to imagine how many girls would like to have a man like you do. He can’t take his eyes from you no matter if you are wearing a dress or pajamas. There are no other women for him. He would never make you feel jealousy because he is jerk who doesn’t notice you neither home nor in public places.

If he is the one with true intentions, if he loves you and behaves like your heart is his own, you will never be disappointed. You will never feel lonely, no matter how far is he. He will be by your side, supporting your decisions, helping you solve your problems and getting through rough days with you. Perhaps he will spoil you, but he really thinks that you are worth pampering. Sometimes it feels like he treats you like his child, and even though it may be exhausting or frustrating, believe me when I say that his intentions are nothing but good. When it is about you, he becomes over sensitive and he can’t control his emotions.

No matter what the truth is, if you want to know it, he will tell you. From the very first day he is completely honest with you and he has nothing to hide from you. Since he finds you as the most beautiful creature in the world, he will never cheat on you. No matter the circumstances he finds himself in, he will stay loyal.

Whenever you are sad or hurt for some reason, he will be there for you. You can be sure that you have a true and very valuable friend in your partner. Don’t ever think that he is capable of hurting you on purpose—I guarantee he is not. He will always tend to make you happy and to fulfill you. He would cross the borders if you want him to.

You need to be very thankful because you know there are not so many men like yours. He is loyal and honest, he is by your side, he loves you with all his heart, and he would protect you from anyone or anything that is threatening you. His feelings won’t change, no matter how long your love lasts.

Even though no one will ever steal him from you because he loves you, make sure that you are keeping him close because his love for you is what every woman desires.