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10 Signs He’s Ready to Settle Down

Semsa B.
Written by Semsa B.

He puts you first.

Once he is sure about wanting to spend his life with you, he makes you his number one priority. Your needs, your wishes and your happiness matter to him so much, he puts them ahead of his own.

It is not a behavior characteristic for a lot of men, so it’s impossible not to notice once he reaches that level of commitment.

He makes no plans without you.

Which means whenever he has a big decision ahead of him, whenever he has a plan to do something, he never does it without talking to you. He has stopped living the single life for good. You have a permanent place in his life now. You are always in the back of his mind and he knows that it’s time for him to think about how his decisions affect your life, too. Not just his.

He introduced you in his world.

You met all his friends, his family, every single person that matters in his life. And he met all of your important people. Since you’re equally important to him now, you belong with them. He doesn’t just want you guys to know each others names. He wants you to really get to know each other, to like each other. Because he knows you will be seeing each other a lot in the future.

He’s happy that your relationship is progressing.

You won’t see him nervous about getting serious or hear him protest about the direction your relationship has taken. He is happy about it. He is happy it’s working and you two are functioning together. But most of all, he loves that it takes so little effort to be happy with you.

He talks about your future together.

And not in an abstract manner. He wants to discuss your future goals, life together, children and everything that comes with it. It matters to him because he wants to make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to being permanently commited to each other.

Your relationship is a priority to him.

When a guys doesn’t care about settling down, it’s obvious. He shows no will to invest himself in making it work. If it functions on it’s own, fine. If it doesn’t, fine again.

But when he really cares about what happens to it, you will notice just how much effort he puts in to make it move smoothly. He cares about you, so he will do anything that is deemed necessary  to make you stay.

He doesn’t shy away from money talk.

Money is such an unimportant thing in life. Yet, we can’t live without it. And he knows it, so naturally he won’t shy away from discussing it. If you want to spend your life together, you have to plan some things ahead, and one of those things is the source of your income.

Same goes for the talk regarding how you handle your money as an individual. He will have no problem warning you about spending too much, or take the criticism if he’s the big spender of the house.

He’s had enough of partying.

That part of his life is over. He enjoyed and took out of it everything there was to take and now he has had enough. This doesn’t mean the fun in his life is over and he will never go out again. He will still hang out with his friends and have an occasional drunken night. But he has reached the point in his life where spending the night in with one person he cares about the most is all he needs to be happy.

He’s being his most relaxed self when he’s with you.

He trusts you fully. And that means he can be who he is, without pretending or holding back. He knows you love him and appreciate him just the way he is. So he allows himself to open up to you and show you the side of him that only a few people in his life got to see.

When he is ready to settle down, you just now he is.

Call it a female intuition, call it whatever you want, but when the time comes, you know it. You feel secure with him, like he has your back no matter what. You see him trying so hard and you just know his intentions are pure and he’s serious about it. About being with you and calling you his. So you know you can finally put your guard down and just enjoy the future you two are about to build together.

10 Signs He’s Ready to Settle Down