No matter how experienced you are in love, sometimes, the opposite sex remains a mystery. When it comes to understanding men in relationships, it takes time and effort to keep yourself on their level and see things from their perspective. It’s important that you allow yourself time to understand them, and they should do the same in return. If you’re struggling to figure out what your man wants, here’s a guide to understanding men in relationships.

Men appreciate attention and love just as much as women

When you see a group of men out together, laughing and joking and downing beer like there’s no tomorrow, it’s hard to imagine that they have a sensitive side. However, a man enjoys a cuddle as much as women do. They like to be appreciated physically and emotionally, especially by a woman they admire and love. They may show it in different ways, and it may take longer for them to admit they’ve fallen hard, but they have a soft side, just like women do.

Men care about loyalty as well

If a man commits to a relationship, he’s not playing around. It might take longer to convince them that you belong together, but patience is a virtue when waiting on a man. They’re not as in touch with their feelings, but when they settle, they settle. That means there can’t be any playing about. If you go for another guy, you’ll lose him. There are very few second chances with men, so make sure you get it right first time around.

Men don’t always want to be tied down

Some men get into relationships and then feel stuck. They realise they miss their days of partying and sleeping around. Which is all good and fine, until you’re the poor girlfriend stuck with someone who has a wandering eye. If you think your boyfriend is losing interest, make sure you don’t stay with a man who doesn’t appreciate you. He won’t admit when he’s wrong, so it might be a case of calling him out on it before you can leave.

Men don’t like to be called liars

It’s difficult to bring a man up on something he’s done, because they don’t like to be told they’re in the wrong. If you suspect he’s done something, never ask him. He won’t appreciate you not trusting him. Let his actions reveal himself in other ways, because calling a man a liar is a no-no when it comes to understanding men in relationships.

Men enjoy when you look good

It may seem a little shallow, but there’s no getting around it. A man will like it when you make an effort to look good for them. However, if they’re already with you, you can rest easy knowing it’s because they find you attractive no matter what. A man would never settle for someone he doesn’t believe to be good looking, whereas a woman may put personality first. It’s not that they don’t appreciate personality too – it’s just they enjoy the eye candy, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Men like to be in physical contact with you

This isn’t just about sex. This can be about having a quick cuddle, or holding hands, or a little peck on the cheek. Men like to touch their ladies and be in contact with them when they’re alone together, and often in public too. It can be a sign of possessiveness, but not in a bad way. It’s a way to show the world that they care about you.

You may struggle with understanding men in relationships, but they struggle too

Always remember that you’re not the only one struggling. Guys struggle to read women all the time. Don’t be discouraged if you have moments where you can’t decipher what they’re thinking – it’s all part of navigating life and relationships.